createHave you ever noticed how much responding we do these days? We respond to our cell phone, text messages, emails, facebook, family, friends, work. We have schedules that if you take a moment to think about them are all in one way or another responding to others. It is considered part of daily life to have obligations that must be met and so we respond. But what happened to CREATING? What are YOU creating? Is your life being dictated by always responding or are you creating and living your dream? You are a creator by design. You have the ability and capability for limitless creation!

A few weeks ago I had an interesting job opportunity present itself. Truth be told it would have been a pretty good opportunity and something I thought I needed. I was really struggling with even submitting an application. At the time, I wasn’t sure why it was so difficult for me to jump on board. I grounded, centered, meditated, cleared the energy around it but something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t in alignment. So I called a friend to help me sort it out 🙂 In our conversation we talked about passion, creating and nurturing the soul. That’s when it became clear to me what didn’t feel right. It wasn’t MY path to walk! It was not my truth nor was it what I wanted. Although I created the opportunity coming to me, I was merely responding to the opportunity from a place of “need” and it would not have been the right choice for me. Of course I then began to look at my own creative energy. What is it that I WANT TO CREATE? What is MY PASSION? What do I LOVE? What do I want will nurture my very spirit and soul? It was then that I realized I had been spending most of my time responding to the external instead of creating what I wanted!

As a clairvoyant, I delight in seeing where and what you are CREATING. It reminds me that we are all creators. It’s amazing to me how much energy or pictures are that of RESPONDING. Like a veil, the energy covers up what it is you really want. Sometimes I see the energy of what you SHOULD be doing, or what you are expected to do and the energy I see is just that….ENERGY. To be clear about this, ENERGY THAT IS NOT YOU!  It can be in the form of pictures or programming, it can be energy you have collected up from others. Whatever it is for you, it may stop you from creating altogether! You may spend so much of your time responding that you forget, in a sense, who you are and what YOU want.

When I read I see your spirit, your very essence. I look at what you are creating and begin to acknowledge who you really are. When the creator part of you is acknowledged it’s as if the fog and veils lift! What you want to create for yourself begins to glow and expand. It is light & bright and THIS acknowledgement validates your spirit! So I ask you now to take a moment, center yourself and look inside. Are you creating from a place of all that you are? All you are capable of? Are you nurturing and feeding your spirit by following what’s in your heart and soul? If you find you have been spending your time responding, it’s simple to change, just find the spark that is YOU! Begin thinking of all that YOU want to create in your life and grow that spark! Expand and surround yourself with all that you are. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY AND CAPABILITY FOR LIMITLESS CREATION! GO FOR IT!

3 thoughts on “CREATING

  1. Oh, yes! This sounds so familiar. I’ve learned to turn off the email alert sound while working, so that I can focus on my projects (which are creative) – otherwise the “people-loving” part of me has difficulty refraining from responding to others right away.

    And I totally get it about the resistance you felt about the job opportunity. I’ve had the same scenario – so similar that I won’t go into it here, because I’ll simply be repeating your story!!

    Love your posts 🙂

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