Bring it ON! Handling your growth with ease!

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” ~Nietzsche
I’m not sure I agree that you MUST have chaos within but to be sure, sometimes spiritual growth can certainly feel and look a lot like chaos before you give birth to the dancing star that is YOU!

Life itself is a journey of growing and changing. You are born, you learn, you grow up, you have experiences both good and bad, easy or difficult. The only thing that remains the same is that you are growing and changing! One moment you are walking on your path, other times you take a side road. There are times when changes & growth happen smoothly and effortlessly, other times your growth is so rapid it leaves your head spinning! If you do any kind of energy work whether it be meditation, yoga,  prayer, law of attraction, reiki or any other type of what I call energy work,  you are setting the tone for BIG changes in your life! If you don’t do energy work I have some news for you,  the fact still remains that your growth WILL and IS happening. What I will be talking about in this blog is what is called a “growth period“. Specifically, what it is,  how to handle a growth period & move through it smoothly, with ease.

So what is this growth period and why does it happen? Very simply, a growth period is exactly what it sounds like. A space in time when you are growing and changing, sometimes very rapidly. A growth period can last an hour, a day, a month, a year or even a lifetime! When you do energy work and start to consciously, with intent, living life from your own truth you are actually speeding up the process! Things begin to shift in your personal universe and I might add, they are shifting in a BIG way in the universe itself . You may be experiencing the growth of the planet as well as your own! Yes, ‘shift’ happens and while in the middle of rapid growth and change it can feel a bit uncomfortable, out of control and yes, chaotic!

Now all of that doesn’t mean that when things are moving along like a free-flowing stream, you are joyful, in alignment, in your flow and creating, that you are NOT in a growth period. You are ALWAYS in a growth period! It’s just a fact that some growth periods are merely  more challenging and chaotic than others. If you are working on clearing a particular set of energies or pictures that have defined you for a very long time it can feel really… ‘gnarly’ as you clear them out ! You are literally RE DEFINING yourself and bringing in more of your spiritual essence! You may want to notice how smoothly things go AFTER the chaos! So, I say… BRING IT ON AND LETS GET GROWING! There are things you can do and a few things to keep in mind that will help you move through  your growth period with ease. 🙂 

One of the first things to become aware of is that you are IN a growth period! It is not YOU or who you are. Now I know that is a simple concept but sometimes when things get chaotic, energies are releasing and it seems as if your inner world is imploding, and your outer world is exploding, it’s easy to forget that YOU ARE NOT YOUR GROWTH PERIOD! You do not need to be the effect of it! To be sure, you are growing and expanding as spirit but you are certainly NOT the growth period itself. What’s happening is the release of  many old energies, concepts and untruths that you have lived by. In essence you don’t need to be in the middle of what’s releasing! Find your amusement with the process then allow the energies to go! Keep the focusing on your own vibration, truth and alignment…..GO WITH YOUR FLOW! 🙂 

DON’T RESIST YOUR GROWTH PERIOD! Yes, dear readers, I put that in caps! Sometimes you may not necessarily be enjoying the process! OK, I know none of you would be resisting your growth period but I, for one, find resistance to the process when I’m feeling uncomfortable and consciously don’t like what’s happening! If you are not feeling good or enjoying the process just know that this too shall pass! Recognize that you would not be in the process if you weren’t working on growing and clearing something. There is always a reason even if you aren’t aware of it while in the middle of it. Also keep in mind you would not create a growth period you can’t handle! It’s the resistance that can get you ‘stuck’, not the growth period or process! What to do? Take your attention OFF the process and clear the resistance! 🙂

Now at this point it’s a good time to address a question that comes up frequently in many of my clairvoyant readings and meditation classes. The question is about the other people in your life that can’t or don’t want to take the same steps you are.  They may also resist you as you are taking your growth steps. What then?

You all know that many people resist change whether it applies to them and/or possibly YOU. After all you are SO wonderful…don’t ever change! A few of my personal favorites are; I like things just the way they are! I can’t handle this/you anymore! You are not the same person I first met! Why do you do that anyway, what’s the point? They may even try to make you wrong for you wanting to take your own growth steps. In any case the thing to remember is that you are on YOUR journey and it may not necessarily be THEIR journey. They could be in a completely different place than you are. See them for who they are, allow them the space to be where they are.

When you are in alignment with your truth and vibrating from that place that is an invitation for them to come join you! You may or may not be able to take someone with you on your journey. It’s really up to them to take that step rather than you pulling them into it. Where they are for them is the perfect place and exactly where they want to be and what they want to be doing. The only person you can be responsible for is yourself and how you react to their choice.  You may even want to take a moment to clear your resistance to them not wanting to take the same steps you are taking! Hemal Radia, Manifesting and Law of Attraction , posted a response to this very question in terms of using the law of attraction. His response wonderful and I encourage you to read it! 🙂  

OK back to what is turning into a novelette rather than a blog post! Going through a growth period is not always easy on your physical body! Remember, in spirit there is no time or space and that’s where the work begins. Your body however exists in time & space and needs some time to adjust. Be gentle and GIVE to your body. Everyone has a different way to do this. It may mean a massage, spending time alone, a bubble bath, crying or laughing for hours! I often get emails after someone has had a clairvoyant reading that they want sleep all the time. Well, go with it! Whatever your body wants! If your not sure, go with the rule of thumb…when in a growth period… more food, more sleep and more of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that feels good to the body!

There you have it! So if you find that Ben & Jerry (ice cream) are your best friends, you want to sleep all the time and things feel completely out of control….you may be in a growth period! None of that was very complicated was it? 🙂 Perhaps a bit long but not really complicated! Here’s the short version: When in a growth period remember you are not your growth period! Find your amusement! Let go of and clear the resistance! Remember this too shall pass! Give to the body! And if all else fails, I have only one word…..*C*H*O*C*O*L*A*T*E!!!!!! Enjoy your growth periods and thanks for reading! Shine your light~Debbie

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