Transition…with a capital “T”!

Merriam-Websters Dictionary defines transition as: 1 a : passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change b : a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another 2 a : a musical modulation b : a musical passage leading from one section of a piece to another 3 : an abrupt change in energy state or level (as of an atomic nucleus or a molecule) usually accompanied by loss or gain of a single quantum of energy.  

From an energy standpoint the 3rd seems to fit nicely! 🙂 When you change your energy state, you clear out energies that are not YOU and bring in more of your own energy…thus the loss AND gain of energy! You are indeed transforming and YES this energy shift can manifest in the physical at a molecular level! So….Are YOU going through a TRANSITION in your life? It could be moving, getting married, in a new relationship, breaking up, getting divorced, maybe a new job or letting go of an old job; Really any abrupt change that signals a major transition in your life qualifies here! It could even be that you are looking to make some sort of BIG change but you feel as if something is holding you back…. If you are going through or even thinking about a TRANSITION with a capital “T”? READ ON!!!!

 As we enter the year 2010 I’ve been receiving reading requests from people all over the world.  There seems to be a common thread to these requests and when this happens it always alerts me to pay extra attention! 🙂 The word I keep hearing is “TRANSITION”.  I’m getting the same request over and over…’I’m in a transition and I’d like help with the direction’. I’m also hearing that at some level what they are or were doing isn’t working and it’s time to take a “step” for themselves but are having difficulty taking that step. Now, in a reading I don’t tell you which way to go as you have freewill and the ability to change and create what you want, however I do look at the energies that may be getting in the way of you making your own decision with clarity and certainty. What I continue to see in these readings is that you KNOW which direction to take but don’t feel safe at some level. Fear can stop you in your tracks and the answer is to feel safe enough to move forward.  

What kind of fear am I talking about here? The fear is not a fear of the unknown as you may have thought. It is also not the fear about taking a leap of faith. In fact, I saw excitement and joy in and around each transition. I saw passion and wanting to take a step toward some amazing goals and creations! The pictures that were the most prevalent were those of letting go of the familiar. Of course you all know that when you are feeling comfortable and safe it can be a challenge to make change but what about when the energies you are familiar with are pain, hurt, punishment, invalidation or failure? What if you are so familiar with those energies and programming that although you don’t like how it feels, it’s a part of you? In effect they have in some way become your truth. In these fear pictures what I saw time and time again was that it was more comfortable to hold on to the pain, hurt, invalidation and punishment than to let go of it for fear that some other unfamiliar pain would take its place. Worse than that, WHAT IF ALL THE PAIN WAS REPLACED WITH SUCCESS & EASE!!!??? In all my years of reading, and indeed in my own personal journey, I’ve never looked at this particular side of the equation! What if you actually succeeded?

If you’ve spent your life, or any part of your life, hurting in your relationships, loving the “wrong” one, have money struggles, experiencing invalidation, punishment, or failure (I could go on with that but you get the gist), perhaps your view is that is that no matter what you do or how it’s going right now, that eventually it will all fall apart. Even when you are completely on board with your transition, there may be doubt in your mind. If you find yourself looking for the grey cloud in your silver lining so to speak, then in many ways those thoughts will bring about what you are thinking about. Any picture that gets stimulated and lights up your old pain will make you run for the hills! In other words you go back into those very familiar pictures. If the fear is too great, you may even stop yourself from  making the transition altogether! When you get yourself grounded and safe you can let go of those pain pictures and fill up your space with SUCCESS!!! BUT you have to let go of that all too familiar pain first! 🙂 In my experience when I look at the fear of success it’s really more a fear of going back to any of those old pains. 

It is interesting to me what I discovered in these readings. It may seem like a simple concept but  learning how to ground yourself and let go of whatever it is that hurts can literally transform you! It is perhaps a bit challenging as you are going through whatever pain is rearing its ugly head, but in the end you fill yourself up with and find….Validation! Success! Love! Safety! Freedom! Fill yourself up with whatever it is that you passionately desire and live your dream! 🙂 Why not take a moment right now to feel what it would be like to HAVE & LIVE all your deepest desires! What does it feel like? Look like? The more “stuff” you let go of, the more space you will have to bring in and fill up with your energy and all that you wish to create!

Just as the caterpillar spins a cocoon around himself for safety to make the transition of transforming into a butterfly, getting grounded and safe is your cocoon. I will share with you one of my favorite quotes which so applies to this blog:  “How does one become a butterfly? she asked. You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” Hope for the Flowers  So….give up being a caterpillar! Let go of your old definitions! Let go of any comfortable pain! Then…SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND SOAR ON THE WINDS OF YOUR LIFE!

Thank you for reading! Shine your Light! ~Debbie

For more information on Clairvoyant Readings please visit my website at Information will be posted in the next few days for ~ Love & Relationships~an upcoming very special ‘get ready for Valentines Day’ teleseminar on January 24, 2010. Whether you are looking for that special someone or are currently in a relationship this workshop will focus on clearing energies from your relationship space! If you have any questions you may contact me directly at

6 thoughts on “Transition…with a capital “T”!

  1. Lovely to be included in this Transition encouragement. A friend sent it to me. I did not know this Blog. Words like Clairvoyant do not feel very comfortable to me, but I guess it means seeing more clearly, and we all need to do that. I personally really appreciate this call to let go yet more. I need to hear it now myself – to become more empty and thus more free to do the work I am called to. So thanks Debra.

    When I wrote Hope For the Flowers I was thinking of both our normal “letting goes” of what we may be stuck in as we journey, but also of the final big letting go as we face entering the BIG cocoon.

    I am deep into facing this big cocoon now with my mother Alice. My dear mother just turned 100 on December 27. She is almost transparent, with tissue paper skin that ripped when someone grabbed her arm to keep her from falling, with eyes that now only see light and large shapes, with ears dependent on hearing aids that sometimes do not work, with great memory for the things of long ago, but little about today or yesterday, and a body that usually needs help to get up from a chair. But she lives and prays. In person or by phone I often read her the the wonderful scripture readings from the mass of the day. But one day when she was saying how she felt so useless, I shared a text that came up inside me from Rabbi Abraham Heschel, “Just to be is Holy.” and she responded, “That is beautiful, I want to remember it. A person should meditate on this.” When I looked it up I found I had remembered it wrong, but we still use my version and each time she says how glad she is to be reminded. It has become our mantra. The original is, “Just to be is a blessing, just to live is holy.”

    My father was making his big transition when I was finishing Hope For the Flowers. He was conscious but no longer able to talk when I arrived at the hospital. I was grateful to still be able to tell him that my book was dedicated to him. I had been feeling so shy about this whole thing – I felt everyone must have thought about this image of Hope when the caterpillar gives up its life with no proof that another one, a more glorious one, will happen inside that cocoon. Who was I to say much new about this?

    I had just been working on one of the last illustrations. It was on a dark gray page and showed the hero, Stripe, finishing his cocoon.
    “It got darker and darker and he was afraid.
    He felt he had to let go of . . . everything.”

    At that bedside, I felt a small surge of courage. I felt the page worked, it somehow caught this ultimate letting go. It was not corny.

    As each of us faces our own call to let go of what keeps us from flying, may we be filled with hope and courage for ourselves and our suffering world. May we commit to hope and labor so that the whole earth and all its creatures can become their greater and better selves. To do this great work willingly and joyfully is our human choice and privilege. YES!

    I am putting my toes into the internet water these days and hope not to drown. is my website and I have an almost naked blog. Perhaps we will meet there or here or on facebook, thanks for all the beautiful energies of love you each bring to this world.

    1. Trina I’m indeed honored by your note! Thank you so much for sharing your story about the book! The quote I used is one of my favorites! It is a constant reminder to let go of all those things that have been defining me in order to move forward. Thank you for sharing your journey with your Mom. My Grandma is 101 and so I can appreciate what you are going through. I will be connecting with you on Facebook later today! I’m wondering if we could arrange for me to get a signed copy of your book? It is a privledge to meet you! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard it said many times that fear is the opposite of faith. It’s only recently that I’ve actually started to believe this. And you are so right about holding on to things familiar even if they are awful. I think we are truly our own worst enemies. So I am letting go…See you up in the clouds. I’ll be the one heading for the silver lining!

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