Permission to Heal?

Are you seeking permission to heal yourself? Interesting question isn’t it?! 🙂 I ask because it really IS worth taking a look at if you are taking steps to clear out old energies and programming that have defined your life to this point.

Much of how we have shaped our lives was ‘programmed’ in from a very young age. Remember the game “Mother may I….”? How validating when “mother” said you could take 2 steps forward!

Asking ‘permission’ was literally programmed into our reality! You had to get permission from your teachers to speak by raising your hand and if you were going on a field trip (ie something different from the normal) you needed a permission slip from your parents! You asked permission to go out and play or get up from the dinner table. In your adult life, you need to get permission from your boss to merely take a day off.

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve heard; “We love you just the way you are…” or “I love you, don’t ever change…” or how about this little ditty=>”You’re doing a great job! Keep doing what you’re doing…”

Now it’s great to hear those things BUT those statements can actually get in the way of your growth if YOU want to create something different or expand your life experience. You may find yourself in fear of letting go or creating something new unless you get permission to do so.

Seeking permission is really looking outside yourself to validate that you are taking the right step. You are asking for someone else’s permission to validate that what YOU want to heal or create is the right choice.

Well here’s the deal. NO ONE KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU WHAT THE RIGHT CHOICE IS FOR YOU! Yes, I put that in caps to make the point:-) When you take the time to look within to find what you really want, it is your truth and you don’t need anyone else’s permission to grow, change and create! SOOO write yourself a permission slip! Trust in YOU and your choices! Give YOURSELF permission to heal and transform!

Now… in the grand scheme of things if you are STILL looking for permission to heal, grow, create change and live from your true authentic self==>>PERMISSION GRANTED! Shine your Light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel  All rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “Permission to Heal?

  1. “I grant myself permission to live an active life – full of using my unique talents to bring joy and happiness into the world and to everyone I meet.”
    Yes … that does feel good, Debbie. Thanks

  2. Thanks Debbie…This is especially pertinent to women, who seem to worry so much more about what others think. For me personally, I think I need to learn to trust myself more and have more faith in my ability to make the right decisions.

  3. You freaking rock. How exactly DO you keep that halo looking so bright? And those wings, girl… what a crazy-sexy-cool shade of purple!

    It’s because of folks just like -you-, Deb, that in the middle of seemingly really dark days, I feel so loved, so blessed, so grateful to be on my path. Not to mention the seriously over-inflated ego these days, y’know? Really, it’s sick, puddin’. I keep flippin’ my hair and going, “Damn I must be somethin’ else…

    …After all, look at my friends!”

    Lurve. ❤

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