Healing those who don’t want it….

Healing others is a natural ability and something you may have done your whole life. Perhaps you have recently found a technique that not only helps you heal yourself but others as well. VOILA! you’ve found THE answer you’ve been looking for!

You can heal yourself AND someone else! You feel great and want to share what you’ve learned and shed light wherever and whenever because it feels good to help and you CAN! You can’t even imagine why someone wouldn’t want to heal. After all it’s simple, easy and you definitely have the ability to help. Of course, why wouldn’t you want to share and heal those closest to you?

So there you are, shining your light and healing yourself. A friend comes along and is sad, working through a problem, is depressed, sick or even merrily on their way but you can see, sense and feel something’s not right. You are so enthusiastic about healing, that you jump in with both feet. You’re going to help them! It could be an energy healing, reading or just sending out all the light and love you can. Whatever you use you’re going to make them feel better using your healing ability!

This is very noble…it’s also called being a friend 🙂 However, before you jumped in, did you ask if them if they wanted the healing? Did you “read” them without permission? I can tell you from personal experience that when you are a healer and do what comes naturally to you it may not always be welcome.When you ‘come to the rescue’  particularly in matters of the heart, without permission you can get punished on an energetic level. The person will go into resistance, put a wall up and run for the hills.

A very dear friend of mine wrote me the perfect metaphor for describing what happens. If you are an out of control healer like I can sometimes be, I think you’ll find a great deal of information in what he wrote! 🙂

“You know how if you’re in a dark place, and someone turns on a light when they’re not expecting or wanting it, and they feel blinded? And they need the light turned off NOW because their eyes haven’t adjusted yet? Well I think there’s an analogy to be made when it comes to matters of the heart.  Sometimes you need to give people time for their hearts to adjust. Sometimes it’s better to knock on the door and open it sloooowwwwly, letting little bits of light in at a time. You may know they’re better off with lots of light, but that’s not always the point. They might need time to acclimate.  And you might need to ask why they were in the dark. That might give you lots of information about how to give them light.”~SBS (reprinted with permission)

Each person knows whats best for their own healing and heals in their own time.  In fact, as pointed out to me, you can get so attached to the outcome of the healing that you forget there is a very sensitive human being going through something that may be very painful to shed light on all at once.

Shine your light from within and heal yourself. Allow others to come to you to bathe in your light when THEY are ready.  Be a good friend and not only listen, but hear what someone is telling you. They may have a very good reason they want and need to go slooooowwwwly. 🙂 ~Shine your light~ Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010-2011 All rights reserved


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7 thoughts on “Healing those who don’t want it….

  1. Very well written article. There is lots of truth in what you said. The door to each person’s personal healing will open in its own time. The gentle guidance of another can be helpful; but, no one but “Spirit” knows the exact timeframe that one will take to heal. Thank you Debbie!

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