Who are you?

Who are you? Have you ever been asked that question or asked it of yourself? A few months back as a guest on Allie Cheslick’s Wings of Love radio show I was asked that very question and I gave the answer that I was prepared to give.

It was answer that I had rehearsed knowing Allie would ask me. My answer was “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.” There I said it! That is who I am!

I remember clearly as Allie said something to the effect of ‘OK that’s good but WHO ARE YOU..WHO IS DEBRA TAITEL AND WHERE DO YOU COME FROM ….REALLY?’ Honestly for a moment I felt like a deer in the headlights! How do I answer that?

I took a deep breath and immediately realized that I had never really talked about who I am and what it was like growing up being sensitive to energy with an awareness that was very different from those around me. I took my abilities for granted. Now I consider them a gift.

In my head childhood scenes started playing out. How many times had I rehearsed the answer I thought someone wanted to hear? How many times did I try to be like someone else or fit into a group because at some level I felt that “who I was” wasn’t good enough?

That radio show was pivotal in my growth and has allowed me to examine all those places and pictures that I was not only living from, but showing to other people. If you’ve ever asked why someone can’t see you for who you are, you may want to ask yourself if you are BEING who you really are.

Many people are awakening to who they are as spirit. You’ve heard the saying there is so much more to you than meets the eye. Well, I see a lot of people beginning to open their eyes to the “more”and in many ways it’s like awakening from a deep slumber.

Sometimes you need to yawn, stretch and contemplate if what you experienced in your “dream” was really true. If you get up too quickly, you can feel a bit dizzy but if you open your eyes and allow them to focus, then plant your feet firmly on the ground your awakening can be a beautiful epiphany with many more to come!

So WHO ARE YOU? Are you living life from your heart? Do you have a passion or gift that you’d like to share with the world but someone once told you that you weren’t good enough, you shouldn’t or couldn’t? Have you ever considered that who you’ve “tried” to be wasn’t really you?

Take a journey within and find YOU! Let go of the rest. When you live from the truth of who you are, you don’t need rehearsal…it’s just YOU BEING YOU and who you are becoming! 🙂

I AM Debra Taitel a spiritual being having a human experience and yes, there is much more to me than meets the eye! How about you?  WHO ARE YOU?~ Shine your light Debbie 

This blog is dedicated with love, gratitude and appreciation to Allie Cheslick for her friendship and occasional kick in the butt. 🙂 And Alison Baughman who first invited me into the radio world as a guest on her Visible by Numbers radio broadcast.  

©Debra Taitel 2010


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping people heal their spirit so they can create and live the life they choose. For more information or to schedule a reading please visit her website or send an email to Debra@Spiritlightinsight.com.

8 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Oh yes, we’ve all heard from the naysayers, whether they be external ones or the ones inside our own heads which say, “You aren’t good enough, you shouldn’t or can’t.”

    And we may think that we know what others expect from us.. wow, no wonder we may get conflicting responses when we try to give “them” what we think they want! Deep inside, I think others can tell when we are being genuine with them and ourselves.. maybe that’s why sometimes we meet someone who we feel so GOOD being around, but we can’t quite say why: It’s because we’ve encountered a rare, GENUINE being.

  2. Thanks for posing the question … I came across who I am about two years ago … it was like finding myself and my purpose all at the same time.
    Wonderful blog, Debbie!!

    1. Thanks Antony! It’s always good to re-visit and get back to our purpose if we have gone astray…there’s always a deeper level of understanding. Who YOU are is wonderful and I’m so glad we are friends! Thanks for the comment as always! Talk to you during the week….Happy Father’s Day even if it’s not that day in Germany 🙂

  3. This blog post is fantastic and the question who mentioned here is the reason why we are on the Earth. The challenge is to discover who we really are. For lucky, I have discovered who I really am. I’m also grateful for all the beautiful gifts I have. Thank you Debbie for this great Blog Post. Love you 🙂

    Linda Lattuca

  4. Kindred spirits, that is what we are, Debbie. That very topic came up in my meditation several weeks ago, and I realized that this is why I am having this human experience. It is to help not only myself, but to help others really realize just WHO they are!

    You story and analysis was really pertinent to what is going on today. Thanks for documenting your personal experience.

    1. Yes we are kindred spirits Janet! 🙂 It’s good to see you…and so true what you wrote about helping others on their journey. It’s funny that it took me months to get clear enough to write that blog from a personal perspective. What a growth period! Thank you for commenting and adding your personal experience as well. Let’s chat soon!

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