Yes, you do see a question mark after the title! Is it really “all for one and one for all” in the quest for ‘oneness’? The answer…yes AND no.

You can find literally thousands of quotes, blogs and postings about how we are all of one universal mind, one universal consciousness, and that we should strive to connect, return to and become part of the one. In fact when I googled it there were over 2 BILLION search results that came up!

What about becoming “one” with yourself? It’s very noble to send out love and light, heal the world and be a part of the divine sea of consciousness but when was the last time you gave yourself the same amount of love, light and healing that you are sending out?

One of the best things you can do is heal and become one with yourself first. You are a divine, unique spirit and when you bring all that back to you, you ignite a flame within. Your creativity as an individual adds to the whole and enriches everyone you come in contact with!

If you want to touch the life of another, touch your own life. If you want to send out love & light, the best way to do this is to turn it around and shine it on you! Everything you do for YOU will affect and change the world around you.

Many find this concept selfish but really it has the opposite effect! When you allow yourself to bring all that love, light and healing into your body and life, you will have more to give. You create for yourself the healing you wish to see in the world.

Your divinity and higher consciousness resides within you. It is not something that you have to search for outside of you. Each of us is a unique, divine being with a right to shine, create and live a purposeful life filled with happiness, love & peace.

Turn your attention within to find your inner peace, divinity and uniqueness as spirit. The next time you want to send out healing love & light, first take a moment to give that to yourself. Next time you are praying for someone, first say a prayer for you.  

Embody and BE in “oneness” with the love & light you wish to share with the world and watch not only the transformation around you but the transformation of YOU! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping people heal their spirit so they can create and live the life they choose. For more information or to schedule a reading please visit her website or send an email to

4 thoughts on “ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL?

  1. My dear Debbie.

    I love what you wrote! Totally agree with each word is sculptured here! All you have expressed is the essence of life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful inspiration.

    You are Wonderful. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart 🙂

    Linda 🙂

  2. Yes!! It is not “selfish” to do what fulfills you… if you are constantly sacrificing to serve others, your energy and your heart will soon become empty and you will have no more to give. When one feels fulfilled, one has much more to share with the world.

  3. What you have written is so very true Debbie…If you don’t love yourself how can anyone else? It is not selfish to find what makes you happy and be all that you can be. Then you have much to share with everyone else. It is a give and take relationship. You must replenish your spirit from time to time in order to be able to give to others. Thank you so much for reminding us of this.

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