Are you ready to heal?

Healing your spirit is a process which at times is not easy. In order to heal and move forward, you must actually look at and acknowledge the pictures, programming or pain that you may be stuck in.

I’m not referring to intellectualizing as much as holding on to the energy and using it to define who you are. You can analyze all you want but until you are ready to clear out the energy, it will stick around and keep coming up time & time again.

That being said, it’s also about taking the steps to do this. Change is difficult and scary for most of us. It’s  easier to stay where we are. Even pain creates a comfort zone of sorts. At least you know how you feel!

This familiar feeling, although it hurts or feels empty,  is indeed familiar. If/when you are ready and decide to heal there is a letting go of the familiar and you move into unknown territory. 

I think that in general, people who have endured a lot of pain whether it be physical or emotional put their best ‘face’ forward. Some are even embarrassed by it so they keep it all to themselves and suffer in silence & isolation.

There are also those that tell you how awful they feel, but are so caught up and focused on the pain that they attract more of the same. They seek activities and busy-ness to stay occupied, not quieting the mind and BEing long enough to let go, end that chapter of their life and move on.

Regardless of putting your best face forward or ‘doing’ to keep busy it actually takes a lot of effort to hide or cover up the pain. In fact it can be exhausting! On many levels you are not showing your true self to the world and it’s tiring to always be someone you are not.

One of my dearest friends is writing a book  on healing emotional abuse. We’ve been friends for years and I never really knew what she went through until a few years ago. In her new blog DETERMINED NOW she says it wasn’t until she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired” that she finally decided to stop analyzing, let go of the blame and live her life.

I’m grateful for our friendship, the love in her heart and being able to watch her heal. Although her true healing journey has just begun, I can see clearly that she has made a decision that will forever change her life.

What all this comes down to is CHOICE. You can choose to heal or you can stay in the place that you are. Choosing to let go of unhealthy habits/behaviours,  emotions that don’t feel good or resistance is something to work on every day. 

You can meditate and have all the tools you need to heal, however until you are ready, you may or may not  use them .  It’s certainly ok if you are not ready or choose not to make change in your life BUT I can tell you from personal experience that when you choose to heal you will free yourself from the chains that bind you.

Find the love in your heart and acknowledge all those wonderful things about you that make you uniquely…YOU! Wake up to your beauty & truth! Unlock the chains and have the freedom to fly! And remember this: when you find peace within and close a door, there is another one very near on the horizon ready to open! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010

Artwork by Daniel Holeman


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping people heal their spirit so they can create and live the life they choose. For more information, to schedule a reading or coaching visit her website or send an email to

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