Caring for your most intimate relationship….

I’m sure you will agree that it’s important to care for and honor your closest relationships. Whether it is with a friend, a lover, a spouse, or significant other, take time to acknowledge and let those people know how much you value and appreciate having them in your life.

While telling them in words how important they are to you, it is your actions and what you do that are more telling. A kind word, tender touch, a sweet little text or email, an unexpected gift or just listening and not trying to ‘fix’ everything. Perhaps they don’t need fixing as much as they need listening. 🙂

It’s clearly important to care for and nurture every relationship and not take it for granted or that relationship will soon deteriorate and wither away because there’s no energy in caring for it. If not cared for it could become buried under a sea of outer circumstances which takes away from the relationship and shifts your attention  on things outside of the relationship itself.

Do you care for and honor your most intimate relationship…the one you have with YOU?

Just as important as your relationships with others is the one you have with yourself! In fact it is THE MOST IMPORTANT relationship in your life. Your mental, physical and spiritual space ARE relationships and need just as much care as your relationships with others. If you are living with someone or in a relationship, you spend time apart but you are with YOU 24/7!

What have you done for YOURSELF lately?

Do you speak kind words to yourself or do you beat yourself up? Do you forgive yourself for your indiscretions and seek to learn from your mistakes? Do you nurture and honor who you are? Do you pamper and give to yourself? Some of the most loving & giving people I know spend so much time giving, healing and sharing their energy with others they feel depleted. In the privacy of their home they wonder why their relationships don’t work or they are not in good health or they always seem to feel stressed out.

Replenish and give to yourself!

Loving and giving to others is wonderful but if you don’t love and give to yourself you won’t have a lot of energy to give! It’s also important to remind yourself that you can give without giving it away. There IS a difference. Replenishing energetically means filling up with your energy! It means calling back all you’ve given away and being in your flow. It means reconnecting with the earth & the God of your heart. It means letting the sunshine in, filling up with joy, happiness and the energy you were born with.

The best way I know how to do this energetically is through meditation. A grounded, in the body, balanced meditation. One that makes you feel present and connected with your body. Next treat your body with kindness! Notice how you talk to and feel about yourself. Do you speak kind encouraging words to yourself? Notice the foods you eat. Are those foods healthy for your body? When was the last time you had a massage and really pampered yourself?

Caring for others is important but so is caring for yourself. Take time each day to give to yourself and care for the person you are inside. Honor all that you know, feel, & do. Honor and love yourself. Nurture your mind, body, spirit and soul.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “Caring for your most intimate relationship….

  1. Thanks! As always, beautiful and timely!! Ironically enough, it’s a lesson that I always encourage others to follow, but to do for oneself… well, that takes a bit of encouragement, huh?! So, thank you!!

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