For Happiness, Peace & Ease, SURRENDER!

“Life is the dancer, and you are the dance”~Eckhart Tolle

Many people struggle and fight their whole lives to find happiness, peace and ease. It doesn’t really matter what the fight is but it translates into a feeling of constantly being at war. There is effort at every turn and let’s be frank here, if you are looking for the negative side, it’s always there. For every positive there is a negative and you have the choice to sound the alarm, arm yourself and go into battle or you can SURRENDER.

Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up and losing nor does it make you a victim of your circumstances. Surrendering means putting down your weapons, letting go of ego, giving up the fight and accepting that which IS. Accepting that which IS in present time takes your energy out of the battle and frees you. It brings a sense of happiness, peace and ease which only comes from bringing all that you are back to you and accepting there is something going on which you cannot control. To be sure there will always be something you can go into battle for but when you surrender and let go of the fight itself you have actually just won the battle!

Are you in a constant battle in your life? Do you feel like you always have to ‘fight’ to get what you want? Are you struggling on a money quest, to find love or to lose weight? Are you fighting your body or resisting illness? Is there peace and ease in your relationships (including the one with yourself) or do you find yourself in effort and either ‘people pleasing’ or trying to live up to someone else’s vision of who you are? Are you in a battle with an addiction to sex, love, drugs, alcohol or some other type of obsession?

Whatever you are fighting and/or anytime you find yourself struggling the more you fight it, the less chance you have of winning the fight. I want to make it very clear here that I’m not referring to those who have an illness and are doing everything possible to fight for their lives. That is a very different kind of fight. Most of the people in that situation have accepted what is happening and take the necessary steps to heal their body and spirit. I’m also not referring to the things we must fight for globally like human rights, truth and justice. We all must take a stand and fight for those things. I’m referring to the  battles which exist in your mind that imprison you. The internal dialogues and battles which take root and cause you to constantly feel like your fighting to become visible and valuable in the outer world.

Not one thing said here has anything to do with giving up. It’s just the opposite. Happiness, peace and ease comes from being one with your life in the present moment. Being one with your life is accepting what IS then doing something about it. If you are at war fighting your circumstances you’ll have very little energy left for anything else. Your circumstance (or growth period) is not who you are. You don’t live your life, life lives through you and your choices. It is when you give up trying to fight and control every little thing that comes up that you will feel a sense of ease.

Surrender to who you are and the feelings in your heart. Throw in the towel. Raise the white flag. Imagine how life will be when you win; And you do win the very second you decide to let go and surrender. Imagine a life full of happiness, peace and ease. Are you ready to step on to the dance floor, full of joy and BE the dance?~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2012-2013 All Rights Reserved

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5 thoughts on “For Happiness, Peace & Ease, SURRENDER!

  1. Beautifully written and true to the core, especially this line I felt was profound on so many levels, “To be sure there will always be something you can go into battle for but when you surrender and let go of the fight itself you have actually just won the battle!” If people could realize at the end of the day there is truth to the words that you have to pick and choose your battles wisely, surrendering is a gift you give yourself and a peace you invite to enter into your body, mind and soul. Great Blog Debra!!!

    1. Thank you Allie! I had to take this one to heart while I was writing it. The concept came from a meditation where I was looking at why people (including myself) seem to constantly be on guard and ready to fight or on the opposite side of the dynamic, resist what is there already. Thank you for taking the time to comment! xoxo ❤

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