New Moon in Leo 08/14/15: Love, Passion, Creativity

New Moon July 2015New Moons mark the beginning of the 29 1/2 day moon cycle which lasts until the Full Moon. New Moons give us a fresh start. They give us the opportunity to set intentions, plant seeds for growth and expansion and are a time to gently increase our awareness.

A New Moon is when there is no light on the moon, but is the beginning of increasing light. As the moon’s light grows and expands we are slowly able to see (and heal if we so choose) those areas which were void of light within ourselves.

New Moons marking new beginnings allowing us to set or strengthen our intentions and re-dedicate ourselves to our soul’s purpose. We can take a breath, and decide once again to be who we are, shine our light and set a space for manifesting and making real our deepest desires.

This New Moon in Leo directly relates to our self-expression, passion and creativity. It gives us a chance to look at how we express and receive love. This potent Leo New Moon helps us to focus and renew our energies so we can bring forth our inner “roar”.

This New Moon will give us an opportunity to step up and meet our challenges with courage and conviction. The aspects of Leo are deeply rooted in passion and creativity. As we move into this moon cycle we will be asked to look at how we give and receive love. It is time to own up to the part we played in any drama and bring in the light of joy so we may move forward whole and complete.

This is a time to truly center ourselves and shine from within. It is time to acknowledge and own our desires, passions and creativity in new and deeper ways. It is time to fully embrace and express ourselves from the core of our being; from our heart. It is time to give and receive love. It is time to plant seeds full of grace, joy and our soul’s purpose.

Let us all strengthen or set new intentions and fill our lives with beauty, grace, wisdom, and joy. Let us express ourselves and show the world who we are without fear. Let us allow our passion and creativity to flow. Let us shine brightly from our heart and soul. Happy New Moon!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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What is Self-Love?

RadiantRoseThis is a guest post from  Sandrine Baptiste and Rhonda Tremaine of Everything Noetic.

We have all heard it before: you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. While we hear this, and we try to integrate the concept, not everyone completely understands it. Yet, it is something worth investigating. In fact, truly understanding self-love just might be the most important thing you ever do.

Self-love is not easily defined, but we can tell you what it is not. It is not conceit or entitlement. Placing yourself in high esteem at the expense of others stems from a lack of self-love, and not from too much. You can never love yourself too much. This is because the love you feel for yourself spills out into your life just like the ocean seeps into the crevices that are our bays and rivers. Love is everywhere and never selfishly contained.

You may think you understand self-love, but ask yourself this: do you care for yourself as you care for others, or do you put yourself last? When you do not live by your convictions and do not take care of your needs, it is a sign that you are not practicing self-love.When you do discover the love you have for yourself, you will know it. There is a sense of familiarity, and there is no turning back because everything immediately makes sense. Then, all the negative feelings you once had simply vanish.

Dorothy, the protagonist in The Wizard of Oz, realized she had the power to go home all along, and that “aha” moment ended her quest. But that moment also began a new journey of self-discovery. The first step was to trust herself and this allowed the release of the fear she carried with her from Kansas. Had she known that she had the power to change her life, and that she did not need the help of the wizard, her experience would have been different. Of course, the road to self-love is marked with ups and downs, and learning is part of the journey. Dorothy’s ultimate empowered sense of self was attached to the recognition of the existence of unconditional love.

So what is self-love exactly? Self-love is actually a simple concept. We all have a good idea of what love is. When you love your children or your pets, you feel a desire to nurture and care for them. Self-love always comes from strength, with a proper connection to source, and is infused with joy and goodwill. Self-love is aligned with self-acceptance, with gratitude, with the knowledge of your own vulnerability and the fact that your place in the world is as one of many. Above all, self-love is equated with trust. When you are experiencing who you are, and loving yourself, confidence develops. You begin to trust the decisions you make, and you trust the world not to betray you. When you love yourself, you realize that no one is more or less than you. This sense of equality becomes obvious and materializes instantly. Loving someone else is then possible. Happiness is possible. When you love yourself, you know who you are. You have finally come home.

About the Guest Authors: Sandrine Baptiste is an integrative holistic wellness coach and personal trainer. Rhonda Tremaine is a health and spirituality writer. Both authors are founding partners at ENoetic Press and blog at Everything Noetic

Photo: ©Daniel B. Holeman: Awaken Visions

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