Do You Really Want to “Settle” for Good Enough?

bubbletree“Take your victories, whatever they may be, cherish them, use them, but don’t settle for them.”~Mia Hamm

Is good enough REALLY good enough or has accepting good enough created a limit to what you can have? An interesting concept to ponder. If you are feeling stuck or in a place where you don’t feel you are putting your wildest dreams in motion maybe it’s time to shift the dynamic and let go of any thought patterns which, out of habit, lowers your vibration and limits your creations!

In a conversation with a friend she was telling me about the hopes and dreams she had in the past and how they actually turned out. I loved hearing about her hopes and dreams. Her eyes sparkled as she described the dream but then the sparkle dimmed as she sighed and described how it actually turned out. Let’s just say several of her life long dreams didn’t turn out the way she wanted them to. She kept saying everything “turned out ok” and was “‘good enough” even though she didn’t get what she really wanted.

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”~Maureen Dowd

OK so it’s true we don’t always get exactly what we want. It’s important to have gratitude and celebrate when some of it comes our way but the danger lies in continuing to settle. What happened to my friend after so many disappointments is she stopped dreaming BIG. She lowered her vibration and did not feel worthy or deserving of anything more. At some level she decided things would NEVER turn out the way she wanted them to so at some point she stopped putting into the universe exactly what she wanted.

“Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.”~Bo Bennett

Each and every one of us has the potential for greatness but if you don’t see it, imagine it, dream it and raise your having-ness for it, it will never come to pass. Use your victories as a foundation and never give up on those dreams. Even if you’re disappointed and feel like you’ve settled or failed, use it as a learning experience and raise your vibration again.

You deserve to life a FULL life! If you are stuck in a place where everything is always “just ok” or “good enough” take a few moments to explore the pivotal moment in your past when you gave up on your potential. Look within your soul to see if at some point you decided that “it’s always been this way so why bother”.

Have you considered that those moments were more about how much you could have at the time or that it just wasn’t the right time? What if all this time you’ve lowered your vibration and settled for less because you couldn’t have it then and it’s just around the corner now?!

Accept what is, celebrate your victories, lay a foundation and put it out there again! With all you’ve learned you may find you are creating a different and brighter picture. All things happen for a reason in their own time and maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t about settling but it wasn’t the right time! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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What is Self-Love?

RadiantRoseThis is a guest post from  Sandrine Baptiste and Rhonda Tremaine of Everything Noetic.

We have all heard it before: you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. While we hear this, and we try to integrate the concept, not everyone completely understands it. Yet, it is something worth investigating. In fact, truly understanding self-love just might be the most important thing you ever do.

Self-love is not easily defined, but we can tell you what it is not. It is not conceit or entitlement. Placing yourself in high esteem at the expense of others stems from a lack of self-love, and not from too much. You can never love yourself too much. This is because the love you feel for yourself spills out into your life just like the ocean seeps into the crevices that are our bays and rivers. Love is everywhere and never selfishly contained.

You may think you understand self-love, but ask yourself this: do you care for yourself as you care for others, or do you put yourself last? When you do not live by your convictions and do not take care of your needs, it is a sign that you are not practicing self-love.When you do discover the love you have for yourself, you will know it. There is a sense of familiarity, and there is no turning back because everything immediately makes sense. Then, all the negative feelings you once had simply vanish.

Dorothy, the protagonist in The Wizard of Oz, realized she had the power to go home all along, and that “aha” moment ended her quest. But that moment also began a new journey of self-discovery. The first step was to trust herself and this allowed the release of the fear she carried with her from Kansas. Had she known that she had the power to change her life, and that she did not need the help of the wizard, her experience would have been different. Of course, the road to self-love is marked with ups and downs, and learning is part of the journey. Dorothy’s ultimate empowered sense of self was attached to the recognition of the existence of unconditional love.

So what is self-love exactly? Self-love is actually a simple concept. We all have a good idea of what love is. When you love your children or your pets, you feel a desire to nurture and care for them. Self-love always comes from strength, with a proper connection to source, and is infused with joy and goodwill. Self-love is aligned with self-acceptance, with gratitude, with the knowledge of your own vulnerability and the fact that your place in the world is as one of many. Above all, self-love is equated with trust. When you are experiencing who you are, and loving yourself, confidence develops. You begin to trust the decisions you make, and you trust the world not to betray you. When you love yourself, you realize that no one is more or less than you. This sense of equality becomes obvious and materializes instantly. Loving someone else is then possible. Happiness is possible. When you love yourself, you know who you are. You have finally come home.

About the Guest Authors: Sandrine Baptiste is an integrative holistic wellness coach and personal trainer. Rhonda Tremaine is a health and spirituality writer. Both authors are founding partners at ENoetic Press and blog at Everything Noetic

Photo: ©Daniel B. Holeman: Awaken Visions

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