Shatter the Glass Ceiling!

Generally what you believe to be true, becomes truth but what if somewhere embedded deep in that belief is a limit of some sort? What if there is a ceiling that stops you from living to your full potential? You may not even realize there is a limit because you see your dream so clearly. If you can see it but can’t figure out why you can’t get there you could call it a glass ceiling. The interesting thing about a glass ceiling is that you can see through and beyond it!

Throughout history dreamers have shattered the limits of what they were told to believe and have not only forged a new path for themselves but for the world  as well. All of our greatest politicians, inventors, scientists, sports legends, artists & performers disregarded the limits placed upon them either by themselves or by society.

They had a vision and had to let go of any doubt or thought that they couldn’t make a difference or achieve their dream. They have made what was once thought of as impossible, possible by believing in themselves, truth and justice. By believing against all odds and what others told them they could go beyond the limits and create great change not only for themselves but for others.

Can you imagine if Rosa Parks or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a limiting belief and lived their lives based on the status quo? Or if Michael Jordan had the belief he was a failure because he failed so many times…or if Michelangelo thought that painting a fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was impossible.

I could go on and on with examples but you really want to know what this has to do with you don’t you? 🙂 Limiting beliefs energetically STOP you from moving forward. In many instances they create self sabotage in the sense that you defeat yourself before you even try. What you believe can help move you forward or stop you dead in your tracks! Many times you are not even aware of a limiting belief until you go looking for it.

If there is something you deeply desire in your life, whatever it is, take time to examine what you believe about it. Take time to look at what you believe about yourself! If there is something you think needs to happen before you move forward, that’s a limit! If you don’t think you are good enough, slim enough or valuable enough, THAT IS A LIMIT!

Sometimes it is as simple as raising the bar for how much you can have in your life. When you believe without any doubt that you can have it (or achieve it), that you deserve it, and your worthy of receiving it, you begin to clear the limits placed upon you. When you stop believing and worrying about what everyone else thinks about you and begin living your best you, the limits clear.

Dream your Impossible Dream, clear the limits held in your beliefs, shatter the glass ceiling! Go beyond what you believe to be true, believe in YOU and reach for the stars! You are worthy! You deserve it! There’s nothing that can hold you back but what you believe you can achieve!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Got Space?

Having space on both  an energetic and physical level is pretty amazing. When you have your space there is room to breathe, room to create AND there is  space for dreams to become reality!

Think about it for a moment. How can you bring something in if there’s no space for it? It’s astounding how much space we give away on a day-to-day basis. Not only do we give away our “time and energy”, we hold on to “things” that have a great deal of energy attached to them and those things take up space.

A few weeks before the end of the year I decided to clear out and create more space in my condo. For  some time I’ve wanted to start this task but honestly it felt overwhelming! This time I was bound and determined to get things in order. What I decided to do was look at it from the perspective of moving. My thought was to go through every inch of my home and clear out anything I wouldn’t take with me if I was moving. This is different from just organizing.

I’ve lived in the same place for many years and let’s just say things found their place hidden in drawers, on shelves, in closets and some were in plain sight. I couldn’t part with certain items because of sentimental value, I might wear it (or use it) again, and some were those “one of a kind” special things. I’ve never considered myself a pack rat but seriously did I really need the VHS tapes, the picture in a cracked frame I’ve had semi hidden behind a door or clothing I haven’t worn in 10 years?! I’m still amused about getting rid of  jewelry from my late teens…let’s just say my niece got a bag of fantastic retro jewelry. 🙂

Why do we hold on to ‘things’? Initially the intention is that these things are still useful so we keep them but let’s face it there are certain things we have difficulty getting rid of. Those ‘things’ fill a void. They make us feel better when we look at them because they bring back memories of a time long past.  Having lots of ‘things’ make us feel abundant.

The fact of the matter is that all those ‘things’ hold bits of your energy AND take up space. They also signify limits and lack. In terms of “lack” you are actually telling the universe that you don’t have enough resources to replace what your getting rid of. Why keep the shirt or pair of shoes you haven’t worn in years? Get rid of them and find something you love even more! If something hasn’t been used in years it’s time to clear it out! Living in abundance means knowing you can create something new! This doesn’t mean getting rid of memories or things that truly have a special meaning . It means clearing out ‘things’ that you will never use again to create more physical space and as a bonus, you collect up YOUR energy in the process!

For me the experience was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  I gathered up my energy and cleared out the ‘things’ that had no longer held meaning (or my energy 😉 )and were taking up space.  I let go of old hopes and dreams knowing that by doing so I would have a space for new hopes and dreams to become real. If something I’ve said here resonates with you, take the steps to make more space for yourself on an energetic AND physical level. Clear out those ‘things’ that no longer have meaning and merely take up space in your life and/or your home.

Clearing physical space is very freeing. It brings your ‘space’ into present time and makes space for new hopes & dreams to become real!  OK, so I couldn’t part with the 50 lbs of beads from Mardi Gras but that’s a story for another day. 🙂 ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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