Playing in YOUR SANDBOX: )

32286-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Cat-Near-A-Boy-And-Girl-Playing-In-A-Sandbox-In-A-ParkRemember when you were little and you got to play in the sand? Whether it was the beach or your sandbox all you needed was a small shovel, bucket, maybe some water and your imagination! Your socks and shoes were thrown off so your little toes could just squish into that fun sand. You could create whatever you wanted and there was a feeling of pure joy with the experience. It didn’t matter who was watching, or if your castle had a moat. It was really FUN if you could get someone to bury in it!  You would create something then destroy it because you had the certainty that the next thing you created would be even better! There was magic in that sandbox! You were in a world of your own imagination building your dream! It could be simple or intricate but nonetheless it was YOURS….AND there were NO LIMITS!

For me there were giggles, wiggling toes and sunshine! The sandbox was a HAPPY place where I could create something, destroy it, then create something new. It didn’t have to be perfect, I was not limited to one thing our another. In my sandbox everything was FUN and POSSIBLE! To this day I love going to the beach. I find it very healing to walk in the sand barefoot and just listen to the water gently lapping against the shore. There is an awareness about me. It’s about feeling the sensations, being in the body and having my space. It still delights me to create in the sand!  My mind goes a mile a minute with the infinite possibilities!

What would you say if I told you that LIFE, specifically YOUR LIFE, was really like that sandbox? A place to have FUN, grow, create and re-create at will and there were no LIMITS to what you could do and accomplish! What if every grain of sand represented a moment in time and when all put together makes you who you are…..A creative, spiritual being having a human experience.  Each grain of sand IS a moment and you can use those grains to grow, change and create yet another masterpiece. Gets you to thinking doesn’t it? 🙂

It’s amazing to me how many people I read that have been invalidated and had limits placed on wanting to play in their sandbox. How’s YOUR sandbox these days? Is it a fun place? Are you limited in the what, where or how you create? Is there something you’d like to do but there’s a little voice in your head that says “hahaha you can’t do THAT”! Is there something in the back of your mind you’ve really wanted to do but keep it in the back of your mind? If so, you may have had a limit placed on you! Perhaps at 3 when you said you wanted to be an astronaut, policeman, fireman etc. you were patting on the head and told “that’s nice” sweetheart. Mom & Dad thought it was cute and then went on to imagine what THEY wanted for you. A more realistic life.  My personal favorite is about having it ALL! Of course you can’t have it ALL! Maybe you can have a little piece every now and then but for sure you can’t have it all at the same time! Well…..WHY NOT?

One of the challenges I have in writing a blog is how many different directions I can go with it. I open a plethora of pictures and try to stay focused! 🙂 For the purpose of THIS blog I want to address the limits that are either placed on us or that we place on ourselves. In many ways, the current economy has forced some of us to re-evaluate what it is that we are doing, expand our creativity and even takes steps to follow that “dream” in the back of our minds. What I see in present time are people searching for HOW  to blow out the limits and go in a different direction! Although perhaps forced to do it by circumstance it seems to me that just about EVERYONE is now taking some sort of step to find their answers, clear the limits and begin anew to create the BEST sandcastle ever! What great news!

So,  each moment is a grain of sand. It’s what you do with each moment that builds your creation! Every experience, good or bad, allows you to grow & learn. Is your focus and intent centered on your imagination and what lies within or is it on outside circumstances (limits) that you can’t do anything about? Are you building your sandcastle? Are you playing and having FUN in your sandbox? Why not take a moment right now to imagine what it would be like to ~PLAY IN YOUR SANDBOX OF LIFE~ How would it feel to build the most glorious castle ever?!

Now is the time to let go of the limits! Begin to dream of your glorious sand castles! What would your life look like? Feel like? See the details, smile inside as you imagine those grains of sand coming together. No dream is too big! Feel the sand under your feet in your sandbox! Wiggle your toes and bask in the sunshine of your dream! Sprinkle your sand castle with a bit of gold fairy dust, show it to the universe and then allow it to float off so that it can come back to you with ease! There’s no effort in this! Each moment in time is a grain of sand that makes you who you are! Singularly separate, yet all “packed” together is YOUR beautiful creation!

Light, Love & Abundance to all~Debbie

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