Mirror mirror on the wall….

kittenAs I take my own personal growth steps, clear my energy and find my own truth, it seems that one picture or another reappears so I can yet again find my truth. This time from where I am in present time with a deeper level of understanding. Thus is the way it is with energy. When you take a “step up” in your vibration you have the opportunity to work on something from an even more unique perspective…you might even say at a deeper level with new awareness of how it has been effecting you. I have chosen to share a bit of my personal growth with you as you may find some of your own answers from just reading it. The image I chose for this blog is one of my favorites and may strike a chord with you as well! It is a reminder to be sure! 🙂

In meditation last week I was humming along clearing energy when I got a bit stuck on some pictures of how other people see me and feel about me. I try to live my life as a caring, loving, happy little spirit. I love to teach and inspire so every now and again I try to see myself as others see me. In fact I have spent many an hour wondering how people perceive me. I want to live from a loving heart can others see that? Do they see me as capable? Successful? Am I seen as happy? Sweet? With a caring, giving heart?  Do they GET me? I have even asked the question why can’t someone see how much love I have to give? I was looking clairvoyantly from the OUTSIDE…IN… trying to SEE what others SEE. As I began my own healing, calling  energy back from the questions and  “pictures” associated with them, it hit me right between the eyes….LITERALLY since I was looking from a clairvoyant space! lol I was trying to see ME from someone else’s perspective…from the outside IN not looking at myself from the INSIDE out!

Now I should probably take a moment to explain that when I do energy work for myself or others I like to “follow the bouncing picture”. 🙂 That means when I see a picture or energy, I see it, acknowledge it, call my energy out of it, let it go then allow the next picture or energy to appear. I then clear that and so on. In this case, it lead me to look at the pictures about; How do I SEE myself? and How do I FEEL about myself?  WOWZA!!!! HELLO!!!! How do I perceive myself?! I KNOW that sounds simple and yes I have found and cleared these pictures before but for whatever reason, it was time to examine them AGAIN for the very first time! With neutrality and a deeper level of awareness I found my answers. How others SEE ME, what they FEEL ABOUT ME, AND how much they UNDERSTAND ME is directly related to HOW I SEE MYSELF, WHAT I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF AND HOW MUCH I UNDERSTAND MYSELF!!!!

I was so excited about this new, yet once again, discovery that I told my dear friend Jessica, who by the way has a wonderful site Askandallowonline.com. She immediately began laughing hysterically at me! Her only words were “now YOU know THAT!” Well she was right, I DO KNOW that but when I began looking at myself I found some pretty gnarly lies I had bought into and took on as my TRUTH. Once I blew out these pictures I once again experienced CERTAINTY! I was able to VALIDATE myself and found  JOY and LIGHTNESS at a vibration I hadn’t experienced before! Not only that, I had so much of my energy back that I’ve been creating and manifesting at light speed! This is what happens when you clear out a lie, blow a picture and get your energy back!!!

 So as with all my blogs, I invite you to take a moment to look at yourself. 🙂 Do you ever wonder what people think of you? or How people see you? Ever asked the question “Why doesn’t anybody GET me? How come they can’t see how capable or loving I am?” Have you ever asked…(and dare I even ask if you’ve ever asked this question)… “what’s WRONG with me?” Is there something in your life that you have spent YEARS or even most of your life trying to get someone(s) validation for? How do YOU see YOURSELF? How do YOU feel about YOURSELF?

Well my dear lovely ones, look in the mirror and see what looks back! The very thing you seek is right in front of you! All of your answers lie within that beautiful YOU! The answers to the questions you may have spent a lifetime asking can be answered with these simple questions…How do you see yourself? How do you feel about yourself? Do you understand YOU? It is said, “what you think about, you bring about.” So if you think of yourself a certain way, that most certainly will be how others see you. Change your thoughts and you will change your world!!! Just like the kitten looking into the mirror, see yourself as you wish to be seen! 🙂 

Thank you for taking a moment to read this blog! I hope you have found some of your own truth by reading about my experience 🙂 For more information on clairvoyant readings please visit my website Spiritlightinsight.com
Also, feel free to “friend” me on Facebook! Shine your light~Debbie

2 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall….

  1. I think that sometimes people may not see us as we see ourselves because of how they choose to perceive us. One person may see our actions as pure and heartfelt, while another may choose to see our actions as self-serving and manipulative.

    I know, because there is someone in my life who always wants to see anything I do as .. as though I have an ulterior motive. Well, that’s the way it is for that person and I no longer try to change her mind.

    I’ll keep on looking at that lioness in the mirror — and hope to reflect lioness love back to the world. 🙂

    Thank you for this post, Debbie. Big hugs to you!!

    1. That’s a great point Dora! I was particularly struck by the words you used about how they are “choosing” to perceive. That statement is SO true! It also addresses the challenge of writing this type of blog…I can’t cover all the bases so to speak! 🙂 It may be that this person in your life actually does see your bright light but perhaps has another motive themselves…therefore they see you through their own “filter”. The other possibility is that they were deeply hurt at some point in their own life in much the same way so they don’t trust what they are seeing as the truth. Personally I’ve had to say to people “hey sometimes a rose is just a rose…”. Whatever the reason it’s great that you are finding your neutrality with them…that means you cleared resistance and judgement out of your own space! Thanks for sharing your experience and bringing to light how you handled it 🙂

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