Clarity in the Dark….

The universe sometimes works in strange ways to make a point! If you look around you with awareness in the midst of a seemingly chaotic or ‘dark’ moment in time, you may indeed find clarity and the reason for it. 

This very thing happened to me yesterday and when I say ‘dark’ I mean it! Due to some error in a billing system my electricity was cut off with no notification. Talk about powerless!

I won’t go into the details of the panic I felt but suffice it to say that after several phone calls and a wait time of over 25 mins to actually speak to a human being at Com Ed I was told they would restore my service. Great! WAIT! Not so great…it would be restored in 1-3 days!

OK now the panic really DID set in! I went into complete survival mode until I realized it was something called an energy whack. That’s when you get hit with energy trying to stop you cold in your tracks. It stops you from shining and takes you off your path….but only for a moment. 🙂

An energy whack occasionally comes in when you are on the RIGHT path, SHINING brightly AND you are about to take a giant step in growth! The bigger the energy hit, the brighter you shine once it clears! It doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing something wrong. It could mean you are doing everything RIGHT!

Knowing this I decided to make lemonade out of lemons. After bringing everything in the fridge & freezer to a friend’s house I  defrosted the freezer. Not that I had much of a choice, but it made me feel better immediately!

Then I noticed the QUIET! I was there with myself and all was silent. I also realized that at least for the night, I had to rely on myself and do the things I had planned in the first place. This meant packing up my laptop and heading over to Starbucks.

Looking around there were people in their own little worlds owning a space. I grounded and owned MY space. No one bothered me as I happily perused Facebook, took care of emails and scheduled appointments. About mid evening, the atmosphere changed.

It became a meeting place for 2 Italian gentlemen speaking in dialect, a couple dating, a father & daughter. An older gentleman who was very professor-like was sitting next to me and his friend walked in asking him “who created God?”

You KNOW I had to jump in on that one! We had a wonderful conversation about God, Faith and creation. I delighted in their viewpoints and they took to heart mine. As I packed up to go, they told me they enjoyed the chat and hoped that I would come in again to see them.

As I walked back home I couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful energy created in that conversation. I had completely forgotten I was coming home to total darkness. I would have never been at Starbucks or experienced that connection if the lights were on. 🙂

When I arrived home the ‘quiet’ of the darkness penetrated my very soul. I lit candles and realized it was one of the most peaceful and literally enchanting moments I’ve experienced in a long time! There I was, just me, my thoughts and the calm of the night.

The quiet that surrounded me was inside and I found clarity in that silence. There was no brain chatter, no distraction, all was calm, I couldn’t DO anything but BE with ME. As I sat staring at the candle flame, I was silent and at peace. I reflected on the events of the day and realized the gift I had been given.

The next time you suddenly feel like you’ve been hit by a truck or as if the rug was pulled out from under your feet look for the gift you were given by the experience. And by all means if the power goes out remember…YOU are never powerless!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010 All rights reserved 


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping to heal the human spirit. For more information, to schedule a reading or coaching visit her website or send an email to

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