Growth & Expansion: Is it a NEW you or more YOU?

In a conversation with a very wise friend I mentioned that I’m a completely different person today than I was, say, 10 years ago. I see and experience the world differently, spend time daily in meditation, write this blog and do a myriad of other things which frankly I never in a million years thought I’d be doing.

Yes, I was truly confident that I’ve completely changed and in many ways that is really true. How interesting that his response to my statement was ‘no, you haven’t changed. you’ve grown and expanded’. The comment sent me into a bit of a tailspin. He was absolutely right! With all the changes I’ve made, as well as the inner work of self-healing, the core of who I am hasn’t changed! In fact, I’m more ME then ever before!

Yes, there have been monumental changes in my life. My perspective has shifted, I have cleared out toxic relationships, lost weight and stopped living from other people’s picture of who they think I am. So I (with a capital I) haven’t changed. My life has changed because I’ve created change through healing, growth and expansion as spirit! Like peeling back the layers of an onion, layer by layer I uncovered ME.

Living up to someone else’s expectations doesn’t work. If it doesn’t come from your heart it comes across as inauthentic. Living to validate and heal others so they validate you doesn’t work. Those people will merely ‘take’ all you have to give and then eclipse out of your life! Living your life constantly trying to be the person you think someone else wants you to be doesn’t work. Who you think they want you to be is more than likely a picture steeped in invalidation that says who YOU are and what you bring to the table isn’t good enough.

If you’ve ever asked why someone can’t see you for who you really are then it’s time to peel back some layers. They certainly can’t see you for who you are if the YOU, you’d like them to see is buried under layers of other stuff. There can only be one YOU and ultimately you can’t keep up trying to be someone you are not. It is exhausting, frustrating and it will never get you where you want to go.

In essence, you can change your thoughts and actions. You can alter your life’s path. You can learn to love yourself. You can heal your spirit, uncovering the true you. You can grow and expand your confidence and have the courage to show yourself to the world. The cathartic events  that ‘forever’ change you are learning experiences which allow for growth and expansion. You can create and BE the change you wish to see but that comes from strength within. The strength that is already there!

Take a journey within and look at yourself! Find the pearl that was created from those challenging experiences! Get in alignment with your passion and what you’d like to create. Bring more of YOU in and allow everything else to fall away. Find your ‘happy place’ inside and allow it to grow and expand! When you do this your life will truly be changed forever because your true spiritual essence shines through!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “Growth & Expansion: Is it a NEW you or more YOU?

  1. Great blog post. I am very familiar with the expansion! That’s why my blog, my radio show on blogtalkradio and my Facebook group are called: Expansion of Your Wonderful Soul. Even the picture you used here is my logo, but you don’t see the pearl in my pic and this is what happens in most of the cases. 😦
    My congrats for your great Soul’s Expansion!

    All the best always, dear Debbie! God bless you!

  2. Hi Debra,
    I think this is a recurring question: In my dreams, vision of the future, am I envisioning myself with fewer blockages, or am I unconsciously editing myself out and creating a completely new person.

    As long as we deny ourself self-acceptance, we will never be fully happy. We will always strive to be different, to become different, to add, detract from ourselves.

    “Don’t seek happiness. If you seek it you will not find it, because seeking is the antithesis of happiness. Happiness is ever elusive, but freedom from unhappiness is attainable NOW, by facing what IS rather than making up stories about it. Unhappiness covers up your natural state of well being and inner peace, the source of happiness.” – Eckhart Tolle


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