What Does it Mean to Have Space?

Having a spaceWhat is the meaning of “having space” or “getting your space back”? For starters it means  you have the space to be who you are. It means you are truly shining and living from the inside out.

It means validating and honoring that you are good enough, have value and purpose; It is having the space to be who you are and live an authentic life.

There is so much more to you than meets the eye! You are more than just a physical body made up of chemicals and particles. Your spirit is what animates your physical body. Spirit shines in the deeds you do, how you communicate and what you create. It shines through your eyes and your smile and the very air about you.

Your spirit is unique and no two people shine or do things in exactly the same way but in today’s society there seems to be certain parameters or limits that many abide by to feel loved and/or fit in. There is a comparison to others. In other words we are bombarded with information about what we should or shouldn’t do, who we should be or not be, the perfect body, what love looks like, that we should or shouldn’t be in a relationship and what that relationship is supposed to look like etc.

Now I ask; Do you have the space to to be who you are and NOT compare yourself to others? Do you really have the space to be who you are, warts and all? I can tell you with all certainty that it is up to you to give yourself that space. There isn’t anything outside of you can or will do it for you.

If life isn’t progressing as you want it to more often than not you’ve lost your space and it really doesn’t  matter to whom or what. It is possible to take back your space by allowing it just to BE. You instantly begin clearing your space when you give yourself the space to be who you are without comparing yourself to others or worrying if they will like you.

What if you were to be YOU and attracted people into your life who want to be near you just as you are? What if “just as you are” is GREAT and it’s a matter of loving, respecting and valuing yourself enough to give yourself a space to be without trying to control others or bending them to your will?

What if you accepted and allowed others to BE without judging where they are? I know there are a lot of questions here but they are good points to ponder. All of us (at least the ones reading and attracted to my blog) are working to be more loving and connected but until we find the connection and value the relationship we have with ourselves it is difficult to be who we are because we are so desperately trying to be someone we are not!

It is time to let go of who you think you should be and replace it with who you are! Give yourself the space to BE just as you are and ALL that you are. Let go of the “should be, would be, could be” and any pictures which say you’re not good enough. Say hello to and let go of any memory or energy caught up in the statement “you should be more like….(your sister, your brother, your colleague etc)” for  being more like someone else takes you out of your space.

You just may be the flower that colors a black & white world! Do you have the space to shine from the inside out? You may be on the verge of creating something that not only brings great value to you but to the world at large. Do you have the space to do it? Having a space puts you in charge of your creations, your destiny and your life. If you’ve lost your space (which is much the same as being lost IN space) take it back by giving yourself the space to be you!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Are you Embracing ALL of You?

To truly BE who you are it’s important to embrace ALL of who you are!

Fact: Love, joy, happiness, and passion are energy vibrations.
Fact: Boredom, apathy, sadness and ANGER are energy vibrations.

Can you have and embrace ALL of those emotions and feelings; The good the bad and the ugly? The positive AND the negative?

As human beings we have a full spectrum of emotions, feelings and energy vibrations that are not only a part of us but a part of being human. Denying, ignoring or stifling any of these vibrations limits you and in essence you are denying a part of yourself and the human experience. While it is true that as spiritual beings we are pure love, we took a body this lifetime to have a human experience and no matter how much you don’t want it to happen the fact remains that as humans we get angry, sad, bored, apathetic etc.

Most of us are taught not to get angry and to forgive those who have treated us badly. Forgiveness is wonderful BUT forgiving doesn’t mean allowing someone to treat you like a doormat or invalidate you. You cannot control what others say or do but it IS ok to get angry! It is also OK to use your anger as a healing. Here comes the tricky part; Allowing your anger to flow in YOUR space without lashing out or sending it out to someone.

Allowing your anger, or any other emotion or feeling for that matter, to flow through you is empowering. Giving yourself permission to have these perceived negative feelings is a step toward growing and expanding positive feelings and emotions like love, joy and happiness. The reason I used anger as an example is because it is one of the emotions that many people have very little permission to have. For you it may be some other emotion.


We all want to keep our focus on love and light and being happy (at least I’m in hopes that all of you reading this want those vibrations in the forefront) but the laws of nature need balance. ALL your emotions whether in the emotional body (energetic) or the physical body serve a purpose. From a young age boys are taught not to cry and girls not to get angry (or whatever else you were taught to stifle) but denying a part of you denies a portion of the other part. There is always a dichotomy and you can’t have one without the other. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s laws apply here too!

There is day and night, two sides to every coin, and a plethora of emotions & feelings each with a direct opposite that make up our very BEing-ness. Having your awareness and embracing those dark or negative parts of you in addition to light and love gives you the ability to expand your human experience.

You cannot, nor is it necessary to, control what you are feeling. If you are doing this you are in resistance and it’s going to fester and may ever cause you to get stuck. Allow feelings & emotions to bubble up and BE. Feel your feelings & emotions, embrace them,  acknowledge them then release. Believe it or not the more you embrace and acknowledge what you are feeling the faster you are able to release it!

Embracing your anger and acknowledging it allows you to love that much more. Feeling your sadness allows you to experience more happiness. Having a good cry makes the laughter that much more joyful. Embrace the reality of human experience! HAVE all that you are! BE who you are! Accept and acknowledge ALL your feelings and emotions as a part of you!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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