MERCURY RETROGRADE: Use it to Your Advantage!

MESSENGER image - First look at side of Mercur...
MESSENGER image – First look at side of Mercury not seen by Mariner 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again Mercury, the planet ruling of all forms of communication, intellect, commerce and technology, begins its retrograde phase on July 14th and continues through August 8th. Perhaps you’ve already been feeling the effects of this upcoming phase. You may be forgetful, have technology challenges or notice a lot of mis-communication. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year and in my opinion has gotten a bit of a bad rap.

Yes, there are communication issues, you shouldn’t sign a contract without checking and double checking the details (it is not advisable to sign anything during this time but if it’s unavoidable do your best to be mindful of the fine print) lest it have to be re-negotiated, and technology challenges arise at every turn but you are actually receiving a gift. Mercury retrograde gives you the opportunity to review all the details that have led you to the present moment. Take this time and use it to your advantage!

Going backwards to move forward…

How can you possibly use it to your advantage when things that were once flowing seemingly coming to an abrupt halt? Well, that’s exactly HOW you use it to your advantage!  When Mercury goes retrograde you have a chance to re-visit energies and heal those things you may not know consciously are still unresolved. You might start thinking about past events, hear from an old beau or notice you are in a challenging situation very similar (or exactly the same) as something that happened in the past. When this happens, not “if” but “when”, you can heal it because you now know it wasn’t cleared up or there is stuck energy still needing to be released or resolved. With awareness this is a time clear blockages and receive a tremendous healing.

The slow down or halt of those things that were flowing nicely is also a gift. Use this time for rest and rejuvenation. Reflect on what’s been going on, how you’ve handled yourself, the choices you’ve made and go within to reconnect with your passion and spirit. Our daily lives move so rapidly that sometimes we put things on the back burner, so to speak. Review what has happened, clear the energy, forgive yourself and others then move on to plan for the creative endeavor you put away until further notice. Mercury retrograde is the “further notice”! This slow down gives you ample opportunity to fine tune, re-connect with spirit, heal and re-visit anything and everything you’ve shoved into the closet in the back of your mind. You don’t necessarily want to start anything new until after August 8 (allow one week after for the energies to settle) but you can certainly put your plan of attack on paper!

You can even use the technology breakdowns to your advantage. if your computer crashes you might just have to pick up the phone and actually speak to a human being instead of the email you were going to send. If technology goes haywire and you can’t send an important document or report, review what you were working on. You may find an error you previously missed or a paragraph that could use clarity and this gives you the chance for a complete or partial ‘do over’ if necessary. Of course we love our Facebook, Twitter and the like but if for some reason you are dis-connected from your social media, you now have the time to get connected with yourself again! You have time to meet up with a friend in person or better yet before you go out take time to meditate!

The next retrograde phase isn’t until November so while Mercury is retrograde use the time wisely and to your advantage. Take a step back, allow for a much-needed break, heal, reflect upon what you’ve accomplished and put your goals for the future in order. Take a deep breath, clear lingering blockages and let go. Review, renew, reflect, reconnect, notice where your attention has been and get your space back. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Communication Nation~

The very first words spoken on the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant in 1876 were “Mr. Watson, come here I need you.”  In 1928 my Grandfather, Maurice Bank, completed a design for the first two-way speaker system then invented and held the first patent for the intercom in 1933.  “Press a button and you’re there” was the ad. These things along with many others were invented to make communication easier and more efficient. Of course, we’ve come a long way since then. Now if you need someone or something, you simply send a text from your phone! Our world has truly become one big communication nation.

Although we have the ability to connect and communicate with people in ways we never thought possible this has also moved our attention and focus outside of ourselves. We have become a world nation of “first responders” instead of responding to ourselves first! Communication is easier but we are now more disconnected than ever. There are more filters in place and it is easy to misunderstand someone or be misunderstood. With so much of our time communicating through something else we have moved away from our most valuable connection; the connection that creates body/spirit communication.

When was the last time you said “Hello” to yourself and asked YOU how you are doing? The simple act of saying hello to yourself  opens a line of communication within. It starts a process of you discovering who you really are. When you  acknowledge yourself as spirit, you pave the way to give and receive a spirit to spirit hello from others! The best way I know to begin re-connecting is with meditation.

Meditation is a time for you to communicate with YOU.  It’s about re-booting, so to speak; separating from those other things shouting for your attention and discovering not only what your spirit wants you to know but what your body needs. It is a time to connect to and be in communication with the earth and the God of your heart. A time to connect with your body. A time to listen quietly for the messages you receive on a daily basis. How you communicate with others is directly related to how you communicate with yourself. Can you hear you?  Do you take time out of your day to find out how you are and what YOU need? If you ever have communication challenges with others, take a moment to look at how you are communicating with yourself.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention but to be in communication with YOU there is nothing to invent! There are no filters, no waiting for response, nothing to buy, no misunderstandings. There is however, clarity, awareness and a sense of peace.  All that is necessary is for you to turn you attention within. Think of it this way; no one has ever said it’s dangerous to have clarity, awareness and a sense of peace while driving. 🙂 .~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Note: This post was written and initially published as a guest blog post on Kris Cahill’s Psychic Everyday . Thanks for inviting me to be a guest blogger Kris!

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