Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Super ‘Blood’ Moon Lunar Eclipse: Ride the Tides 09/27/15

Photo Credit: Loyd Overcash
Photo Credit: Lloyd Overcash

“Sometimes the sky looks so beautiful and at the same time earth also looks so beautiful and finally we look so beautiful as well! By just looking at the nature you become the nature itself! Look at the beautiful full moon, you become a beautiful full moon!”~Mehmet Murat ildan

Tonight we are in for a rare treat; A Super “Blood” Moon Lunar Eclipse.  A Super Moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth so visually it looks larger.

Astrologically speaking tonight’s event acts as an intensified Full Moon and with the effects of a lunar eclipse in play, fasten your seat belts.

A Super Moon packs a punch as if it were 3 full moons put together. Everything is intensified and you may experience (or are already experiencing) emotional extremes. There will be no shortage of drama during the days before and after this rare celestial event.

In addition to emotional extremes we will experience an opening or an illumination of our natural psychic abilities. Expect vivid, lucid dreams and awakenings. With a lunar eclipse in play we will be receiving an energy boost of sorts.

Whether we are bringing our creations to light or eclipsing out what no longer serves us, we all have an opportunity for profound growth during this powerful time.

The Moon Controls the Tides

The moon controls the tides and the gravitational pull of a super moon is intensified. Just like the tides our emotional storms will ebb and flow, come and go. These are wonderful opportunities for growth, healing and empowerment.

Keep in mind that not all emotions will be negative. This is an event of extremes so floods of love and happiness can (and will) wash over us too. There is power in a full moon so be conscious of what you are putting out there and what you are giving energy to.

Look Up!

“The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen.”~Shannon L. Alder

All to often we stumble around in the dark for minutes, days, months and sometimes even years looking for answers. Sometimes we even spend our time dwelling in the dark because we ‘forget’ our brightness. Isn’t it easier to simply flip the light switch on? In her glory, allow the full moon to guide you. Focus on the light not the darkness.

Yes, there is a lot of energy. Yes, the energy is intensified. Yes, our emotions are all over the place BUT don’t forget the moon is magical! The best way to handle all the energy is to literally ride the tides and go with the flow!

Enjoy the rare moment. Look up! Feel the magic! Look at the beautiful moon and be the beautiful moon.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Prepare Yourself for the BLUE MOON! July 31, 2015

Blue Moon 07/31/2015If you’ve ever heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” you’re in for a treat as a second full moon shines brightly in the sky on July 31. (It’s also my birthday!)

Blue moons (in astrology) are not really blue but they certainly are rare. A blue moon occurs every 2.7 years. if you’ve ever said “once in a blue moon” you’d like something to happen, now is the time to put a miracle in motion by consciously setting your intentions.

Harness the energy of a full moon!

All full moons are packed with power and people experience the intense energy in different ways. It’s no coincidence (or surprise) if you been feeling “off” the past couple of days. You may feel an excitement or an unsettled feeling in your belly. You may have trouble sleeping, experience vivid (or lucid) dreams, or feel overwhelmed. If so, feel free to blame it on the energy of the full moon.

Just as the full moon lights up the night sky, so too it lights up and magnifies energies we are working on releasing so we can move forward. This particular Blue Moon is in Aquarius and is asking us to pay loving attention to all our relationships including the one we have with ourselves.

If you take time to ground and allow, this moon will help you gain clarity by illuminating your path and direction.  A full moon can turn your world upside down or give you a boost forward. It all depends on what you do with the energy and information you’re receiving. One note of interest is to think back on any projects or communications you started at the full moon a few weeks ago. This Blue Moon will give you an opportunity to fine tune or complete what you started.

Consciously set intentions!

The power of a full moon is exhilarating. It is the perfect time to consciously let go of fear, set your intentions and put dreams in motion for the future. There is a magical quality about setting intentions on a full moon night because what you put in motion now is carried into the universe to start the process. The light of the moon brings clarity in which direction to go.

What better time to create than under the bright, beautiful light of an event that only happens “once in a blue moon”? Every civilization, culture and many religions have some type of full moon ritual. You too can create your very own personal ritual that honors the energy of the full moon and the energy within YOU.

Have fun with it! Go out and howl at it! Stand under the night sky and embrace the energy of the moon to empower you! Bring the energy in to help ground you. Use it to illuminate a path you haven’t noticed before. Allow the moonlight to shine gently into  any darkness you’d like to heal. Embrace the reflection and release.

Set dreams in motion with the intention that whatever happens is with gratitude and for the highest good of all involved. If there’s something you’ve wanted to do or have happen “once in a blue moon” now is your chance to create the mock-up.

Take this second full moon to reflect on how you relate with yourself and the world. Create a full moon ritual that’s not just for “once in a blue moon”.  There is magic, healing, reflection and release in EVERY full moon. Bathe in the moonlight and dance by the light of the moon. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2015 All Rights Reserved
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