There’s a Prize Inside!

“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.”~Joseph Campbell

Remember a long time ago when you were promised a prize inside of a box of cereal, cracker jack or your ‘happy meal’? You searched through the box wanting little to do with the food until you found that coveted prize! Although the prizes were little more than cheap pieces of plastic or paper, you not only valued finding them but they had value to you.

As one grows older what you value changes. The ‘prize’ is very different. It could be something like being asked to the prom, spending time with family & friends, owning a home or car, and in this work-a-day world a vacation or adventure. No longer is there excitement about dumping out the box, moving everything else aside to find the cheap, valueless prize inside the box. When you’re 5 there’s a great deal of value in that prize but by the time you’re 35…. not so much!

What prizes do you seek that hold value for you today?

Is it money? Time? Space? A relationship? Fame? Happiness? How do you go about emptying the box of all the ‘stuff’ that surrounds and covers up all that you seek? What is the value and meaning when you ‘find the prize’? More importantly when you get to the prize does it still hold the same value and meaning you thought it would?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the prize isn’t as great as you imagined it? It might feel like something is missing or it didn’t bring about the ecstatic joy you thought it would.  The reason for this happening is that if you are seeking a prize from an external source, it will never have true, infinite value and meaning until you find the real prize.

The REAL and most valuable prize you can find is within you!

You ARE the prize! You have value that goes beyond that which words can describe and until you value yourself and what’s already inside, nothing outside of you will confirm how valuable you really are. Money is nice but it’s not going to bring you value. Fame is great but it will never validate who you are until you do! It’s difficult under the best circumstances to find or even recognize true happiness until you find it within!

Every breath you take has value and meaning in this world!

Everything is energy vibrating at a different speed therefore everything you do, every breath you take, every choice you make has an effect on your inner world AND the one you live in! Your value is not measured by your wealth, how much you have, your status or fame. You value and self-worth is determined by how  you see and what you feel and think about yourself!

Empty out the box called your life and find your inner value not based on those things outside of you or what you do but based on the very thing that gives you life…the prize inside…YOU! Appreciate and think of yourself as the prize and watch as things change! Cha Ching! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Can you hear me now?

Remember the game “telephone” from when you were a child? That’s the game where one person whispers a sentence or two to another, then they whisper it to someone else and so on, until finally when everyone has told everyone else, the last person says the words out loud.

Perhaps I even as I described the game it gave you a chuckle. No matter what was whispered in the ear of the first person, the last person rarely had the words correct. If you remember, sometimes the sentence was complete gibberish and made no sense at all! 🙂

At the end of the game, everyone usually laughed as the person who made up the sentence(s) stated what it was supposed to be in the first place. Although it is a fun game, it clearly illustrates some of the challenges one can encounter in daily communications.

Have you ever had someone completely misunderstand something that you clearly stated? Of course there is the obvious thought that maybe you didn’t communicate clearly. It could also be based on the intent of the communication itself.

BUT it is also possible that the person HEARING what you were trying to say was hearing you through the “filters” of their own personal experiences! If this happens, not only are they are no longer “hearing” YOU but the communication stops.

Just like in the telephone game, they are hearing what they “think” they heard and while they are processing whatever button you inadvertently pushed, they can’t hear anything else. 

When you are aware that this has happened, the tendency is to try to fix it or heal them to clear it up. The other thing that may happen is that you blame yourself. Either way, if someone can’t hear what you are trying to communicate, there isn’t anything you can say or do to clear it up in that moment.

So, what do you do if you feel someone has misunderstood you? Well, you can begin by forgiving yourself. 🙂 This is particularly important if you think you said something wrong! It is possible that you didn’t say anything wrong per se but that you hit an already tender spot (a picture they are working on clearing.)

The next thing you can do is to allow that person the space they need to process. If you try to heal them or fix it, in effect it’s like digging a hole for yourself. Keep in mind that whatever button you pressed, it’s theirs and you don’t have to be responsible for someones else’s “stuff”. 🙂 

All in all just remember that you communicate based on your own personal experiences and others hear you through theirs. Be kind to yourself and those you are communicating with. Come from a place of loving intent and forgive yourself and others if things go amiss. Shine Your Light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping people heal their spirit so they can create and live the life they choose. She has been a featured guest on Wings of Love and Visible by Numbers radio broadcasts. For more information or to schedule a reading please send an email to or visit her website.