How will you show up in the world?

This post was inspired by a recent group healing session I took part in lead by Michael Tamura to heal Japan after the earthquake & tsunami.

Photo by Steven Bauer

How you wish to show up in the world is your choice to make each day. You can show up full of negativity and drama, holding on to the energy of others, with competition and ego OR you can show up full of love and shining the light of your true spirit for all to see!

The decision you make each morning when you wake up affects your day and possibly even your week, month and in some cases the rest of your life. It is by your choice and intent to do the work necessary to heal yourself and thereby healing others in the process. If you hang on to that which does not serve your higher purpose or are always responding to the demands of others, you are not showing up as you! You do not need to be controlled by those energies. It is your choice to break free from a painful past and show up in the world not based on that past and being a victim of circumstance but to show up generating energy full of love, forgiveness and compassion!

Showing up in the world as YOU, free from the encumbrances of your past or the energy of others takes courage! It takes faith and trust that who you are doesn’t need excuses, apologies or perfection. You are a perfect spirit being however none of us is a perfect human being. You have the free will to choose how you wish to show up in the word with all your human-ness.

It takes courage to forge a new path and stand up for yourself. Your choice and free will to show up as YOU begins the process of healing your life. If you choose to hang on to pain and fear, surround yourself with negativity, and continue to live the growth and drama of others in the name of healing, that is precisely how you will show up in the world. Full of negativity, pain, fear and drama….none of which is really yours in the first place!

Each day when you awaken, decide how you will see the world. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is the sun shining and creating prisms of beautiful light or do you choose to see the shadow and storm clouds? Do you choose to show up in the world full of love, light, joy and living from the present? Do you choose to show the world the light that shines from within or live in fear? Are you choosing your adventure?

Breathe in the golden light of love! Allow it to transform your inner being then exhale that same golden light of love. Breathe in your essence as spirit and allow it to transform how you show up in the world. It is your choice to see and be exactly who you are and show up in the world that way. It takes courage, strength and fortitude to actually choose how you show up in the world. I know you have the courage…so how will you show up today? ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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