The power of divine love

Healing Message: The Power of Divine Love

The power of divine loveToday’s healing message is about the power of divine love. It’s always there for you…bring it in!

“From a spiritual perspective, each individual heart is a place where Divine love is expressed and experienced. That’s what it’s designed for.

That love shows up in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes, colors and flavors. We are here to love, as big and as fearlessly as we possibly can.”~Jeffrey R. Anderson

Yesterday I was at a joyous East Indian wedding celebration (I posted pics and video on my personal Facebook page.) It was bright and fun. I was honored to witness the ceremony which was a combination of bride and groom’s differing traditions.

Even though it was a joyful celebration of life and love, there was also a ton of energy! It’s not that anything was “bad” or had gone wrong. No, not at all. It was simply a LOT of energy to experience at once and I lost my space and seniority.

Between the morning ceremony and the evening reception I chose to drive home to the city proper so I could change clothes for the evening reception. (I live in downtown Chicago which is about 50 mins from the Downers Grove wedding site but there were a few hours in between and I wanted to gather my energy during that time.)

During the drive I was feeling overwhelmed and spacey. In fact it felt like I was drunk and yet I didn’t have anything to drink. I had not only lost my space but I knew that I was working to clear a “picture” (energy) that I was working on. For sure something was really “off”. I needed a little healing help so I called a friend for a healing. (I have to admit I love the phone a friend option!)

I won’t go into the why’s and wherefores of the all the information I received on that ride home with the exception of this…at one point she looked at me and said I had all this beautiful purple divine love sitting way above my head. She asked me why I wasn’t bringing it in. Good question! She also pointed out that no matter what we are going through, when we bring in that level of divine love, everything else just melts away.

Just because something isn’t judged as going “wrong” doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by the energy. Especially when we are in the middle of a joyous celebration with a large group of people.

My friend not only helped me clear the energy I was working on but she helped me bring in the divine love that was just waiting for me to say hello to…to acknowledge. In the short span of 15 minutes, I went from feeling spacey and overwhelmed to crystal clear, loved and supported.

You are loved and supported and the more divine love you bring in, the more of the other “stuff” effortlessly melts away. Love is one of the most powerful healing vibrations we can use. Say hello to it. Bring it in…soak it in and let everything else dissolve! Have a great week!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra Taitel is a gifted Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one mentoring sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. For more information, please visit her website. To schedule a session: Click Here

Are you an Energy Sponge? Protect your space by defining it…

Years ago loft spaces were reserved for artists, dancers, and the avant-garde. A few years after the movie “Flashdance” came out (1983) people  started asking me about purchasing those very cool loft spaces to live in or as a live/work space. They wanted open space with no walls so they could define individual spaces with nothing more than furniture and their imagination. What’s so cool about a traditional loft (as opposed to a soft loft with walls defining the bedrooms) is that those big open spaces give you a feeling of well, space.  🙂  Although completely open, there are no walls to walk around and once defined creates the illusion of seperate areas while at the same time offering a sense of openess. It is totally up to you how you want to divide and define the space. Since it is your home or work space it’s also up to you who you’d like to invite in.

You have an energetic space….Do you define it?

Much like a loft space needs you to define the space, your energy body does as well. If you don’t know where your space is, any old thing can get in. This is why you might have days that leave you feeling like you were hit by a truck. Healers and empaths are particularly vulnerable to energy and if you don’t define your personal space you are going to soak up everyone else’s problems, emotions, and pain like a sponge. I’m frequently asked how to keep out energy vampires who suck the life right out of you. When you define and occupy your space this simply cannot happen. It’s not your responsibility to soak up or hold on to other peoples ‘stuff’. I’m sure you have more than enough of your own to deal with. So how do you protect your space by defining it?

Putting up walls….

Walls are a way to define space however they can be closed in. We put a wall up here and a wall up there and pretty soon those walls actually point us in a different direction because we have to walk around them. Protecting your energetic space is very much the same thing. If you put up walls to protect yourself it doesn’t just keep out the negative, it keeps out the positive too! Putting up walls puts you in effort and resistance. It may also be that someone has created those walls for you. Are you walking around any walls which someone else built? Again think of it like a home. Have you ever wanted to open up a wall that was already there so you could open up the space? Are the pre-defined walls you must walk around possibly changing your direction? You don’t have to put up walls to protect your space!

Draw a line in the sand!

Protecting your space is much like drawing a line in the sand. You create a space (or boundary if you’d prefer to call it that) which defines where you are. You allow others to come in by agreement. When you’re in a relationship for instance you WANT to share intimate space with a special person but you can still own your space within the relationship. 🙂 Picture yourself in a gold bubble of energy which comes out about 3 feet all around you. Fully occupy the gold bubble and fill it with your happy thoughts. Consider it a safe, peaceful place. Fill yourself up with gold and allow everything else to fall away. Defining your space energetically tells YOU where it is. I can tell you from personal experience it is possible for personal energy to take up a whole room. I will also tell you that it doesn’t feel good when you do that! When you clearly define your space not only will you feel more comfortable but you won’t be affected by the energies of everyone in the room.

Practice makes perfect

Imagining yourself walking around in a bubble of energy takes a bit of practice but don’t just use it when you are with those who push your buttons and get to you. Practice when it doesn’t count! Think of it as a fun game just to see what happens! There are many ways to define your space and this is just one of them. No matter which method you decide to use, take time to practice until it becomes natural. Effort doesn’t work but your imagination and vision does. Define and create a beautiful space that you enjoy being in. Protect yourself by being in your happy place!~Shine Your Light Debbie

Note: Want to learn how to protect your space? “Protecting Your Space” meditation workshop is now available for purchase on my website.

©Debra Taitel 2012 All Rights Reserved

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