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Nourishing your spirit is not unlike nourishing your body and is just¬†as important. What you put in directly relates to how you feel, how much energy you have and it shows on the outside as much as how it affects your insides! You could call this blog ‘food for thought’. ūüôā

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would¬†starve themselves on purpose. You get hungry, you eat! Your body needs food, water, vitamins and nutrients to survive. When you give your body everything it needs you¬† physically feel better and have more energy to get through your day.¬† If you don’t eat (or drink) , your body becomes stressed, it growls at you, you may feel light-headed, nauseous and you¬†lack¬†energy. The same goes for if you eat huge portions¬†or¬†foods that aren’t good for you . High fat, fried, sugary foods or eating an amount of food that would feed a small army leaves your body feeling much the same as when you are hungry although you may have to include feeling bloated and¬†lethargic to that mix!

You know you need nourishment and healthy foods ¬†to¬†survive and feel good. Have you ever considered how and what¬†your spiritual energetic body needs¬† for nourishment as well? Do you feed your spirit each day with nourishing thoughts and¬†replenishing your energy¬†or do you starve it and allow any old thing to come in and weigh you down? Do you wait until you are worried, sick, stuck or¬†overwhelmed¬†to feed your spirit & soul what it needs? This is very much the same as dieting and depriving yourself then bingeing! Trust me when I say it doesn’t¬†work! The growth process goes much smoother and moves faster when you give yourself what you need every day.

What and how you eat affects spirit & soul as much as what and how you feed your spirit & soul affects your physical body. It is very much a symbiotic relationship! Nourishing spirit & soul is as easy as doing things you enjoy, keeping positive thoughts in your mind and of course a daily meditation practice.

There is ongoing scientific¬†research on meditation¬†and its effect on the body. The¬†findings prove in measurable terms what many of us already know to be true.¬† Did you know that¬†studies done by Yale, Harvard, and Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that meditation increases gray matter in the brain and slows down the deterioration of the brain as a part of the natural aging process? Quieting the mind and feeding your spirit clears out¬†‘free radicals’ and acts¬†as an antioxidant for the soul!

An interesting non-scientific study done and experienced first hand by yours truly, ME, is that when you feed your spirit what it needs, you no longer need to feed that child like voice in your head that constantly tells you it needs REAL “food” for comfort (or any other¬†emotion you feed) to try to feel better. That little voice does not have a body so feeding it only leads to YOUR body getting larger and in a sense covers up what really needs nourishment….YOUR SPIRIT!

Connecting to the earth, the universe and your body creates a natural flow and clears out &¬†nourishes the spiritual body all at the same time.¬† There are no calories to keep track of and no portion is too large! Nourishing¬†spirit and bringing in more of your spiritual essence changes everything from your mood to your body and increases how much energy you have to create! If you don’t believe it, check out the science that proves it! Better yet…in the words of a famous commercial in the States; Try it, you’ll like it… ūüôā ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and intuitive coach providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. Based in Chicago, Debra also leads meditation workshops that help people awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. For more information please visit her web site     Like This!

*Resolve to Evolve*

As the end of the year approaches it’s time to¬†think about¬† ‘resolutions’ for the new year. It’s also the time to take notice and celebrate your achievements from the last 12 months. The time is NOW to join the EVOLUTION REVOLUTION and resolve to evolve!

What are your resolutions for the coming year? Many people make “body” resolutions like losing weight, quitting smoking or being more active.¬† These resolutions are great AND very beneficial for your good health.¬†Have you considered¬†making resolutions to grow and change your spirit as well? Your spiritual resolutions are equally important! They could include a daily meditation practice, daily prayer, following your dreams,¬† expanding inner calm & peace, being¬†more loving¬†and living life from¬†non judgement with awareness.

When you include and put into practice your spiritual goals for the year you create tremendous change, expand your inner (and outer) universe, live from your truth and evolve as spirit! These resolutions bring you back to your spiritual self and knowing who you are. They also help you with the other resolutions because as your attention turns within you are less affected by other energies that constantly pull you away from what you really want!

Keep in mind that New Year’s resolutions¬†often¬†fizzle quickly and I’ve listed a few reasons why this happens. I’ve also listed positive steps you can take so yours don’t fizzle this year.

  1. There was no plan for taking the necessary steps to reach the goal. Make a plan! If you want to lose weight for instance, what needs to happen for you to do it?
  2. The goal wasn’t realistic and within your control. Be realistic! Make sure it’s a good fit for your life and it’s in your control. If it’s out of your control and not a good fit you probably will give up on it.
  3. The expectation was it would happen over night. Start slowly! If you resolve to meditate each day start with 5 or 10 minutes. If you’ve never meditated you are not going to be able to¬†miraculously sit down and quiet your mind for an hour a day.
  4. Impatience & punishment for perceived failure. Patience and forgiveness are the keys for successfully achieving your resolutions. If you stumble forgive yourself and be patient. Get right back up and try again!
  5. Maybe it’s not YOUR resolution. Turn your attention inward and make sure that your resolution is something YOU want and not based on a picture or concept of someone else’s.

Evolution, which includes growth & healing,¬†is a gradual process in which something changes into a different¬†and usually¬†better form.¬†Spiritually there is no time or space but it does take time to manifest in the physical.¬†To¬†begin the process it’s¬†a good idea to do a little review. What were your new year’s resolutions¬†from last year?¬† What manifested? Where were you successful?¬†What inspired you?¬†In order to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been!¬†Turn your attention within to reflect upon what worked, what didn’t, the dreams that manifested, the changes you’ve made and how far you’ve come in the last year.

Celebrate and honor your successes from last year!

Positive change must be grounded by a strong foundation and your successes ARE that foundation. Building on what you already have achieved ¬†instead of betting your success on the unknown starts that positive change, well, POSITIVELY. ūüôā When you know you are and have been successful in the past you¬†trust yourself and¬†there will be no doubts about your ability to do, have or create something NEW in the future.

Come on! What are you waiting for? Build your foundation for the future! Join the evolution revolution! Make caring for mind, body, spirit and soul a priority by resolving to evolve!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010-2011 All rights reserved

“VesicaPiscis” by ¬© Daniel Holeman

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