Be Gentle with Yourself….

Taking the road less traveled and healing yourself is not always easy. As you awaken, you not only become aware of the pain and invalidation you are holding on to but in the process of clearing you must face it for a moment so you can release it.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, how enlightened or self-aware you feel, your place as a teacher, lightworker or student, you are in a growth process. There is always more to uncover and discover. Of course this is a good thing because it means you’re alive. 🙂 It also means that while you are acknowledging and going through this kind of growth you need to be extra gentle with yourself!

Pain, hurt, invalidation and fear buries itself deep within your psyche. The energy resides in your physical body as well as your spiritual body. It is in the cells of your body, stored as excess body weight, hidden behind a smile or an energetic facade. 

While we all want to grow our self-awareness,  heal and release what we are holding on to there is a mechanism that kicks in when we hit those pain pictures and our attention automatically shifts until we are ready to clear them. Again this is not a bad thing because it allows each of us to clear at our own pace.

When you uncover any sort of pain pictures  and begin clearing them from the spiritual part of you it does take some time to clear in the physical. In spirit there is no time or space. Energy clears instantly. The physical body takes time to heal and in some cases the energy is in physical form as in getting sick or needing surgery.

The important thing to remember when embarking on a journey of spirit is to be gentle with your body.  It’s going through a lot! Give it nourishing and healthy foods, make time for soothing moments of quiet and truly pamper yourself.  Physical exercise helps the process along as well! It gets you connected to your body but keep in mind that getting enough sleep and rest is just as important.

This is also the time for meditating and turning your attention within more not less. It will help you get through your growth period faster and easier.  As a spiritual being you are strong and wise beyond words. You will never put yourself through something you can’t handle but sometimes asking for a little help goes a long way! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and by all means if energy has manifested in the physical see your Doctor!

The dewdrop in the photo posted is delicate yet strong enough to hold together the teeny water molecules that make it a dewdrop.  It allows itself to BE a dewdrop shimmering in the morning light. It trusts and accepts help from the flower petal to keep it safe until the process of being a dewdrop is complete.

You are indeed like the dewdrop. Be gentle with your body and give it what it needs. Trust and have faith in your strength of spirit and know that mind, body and spirit will guide you toward what you need to help you through the growth process. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, intuitive coach and teacher helping people worldwide to awaken to their truth and heal the human spirit. For more information, to schedule a reading/coaching session and information on upcoming workshops & events please visit her website or send an email to

Immediate Gratification?

In this time of fast foods, bigger better and faster I started to wonder what role  immediate gratification has played. You all know what I’m referring to and it’s interesting to look at in terms of creating change in your life.

We want the newest styles, gadgets & toys,  better cars and technology that works at the touch of a button. There is an expectation that the economy can be ‘fixed’ overnight. If we join a WEIGHT LOSS program we expect like magic to lose the excess pounds by tomorrow morning yet if we see something that looks really yummy we eat it to gratify our taste buds on the spot.

People wait in line to be the first ones to get that new cool item using credit cards without a thought about paying for it in the future. Think on that for a moment. If you really want something you go out and get it. OK there might be a passing thought that crosses your mind but by golly you do it anyway!

Our society has indeed become one of immediate gratification whether it is to make us feel better or to take our attention off our day-to-day troubles. Certainly there are things that will truly make life easier and we all want those but the challenge comes in when we not only want those things but we want them TODAY….NOW.

We have gotten used to getting what we want when we want it yet in a not so distant past, we had to make our own clothes and grow our own food. We waited patiently for the seeds we planted to grow. There is no possible way to rush a seedlings growth to HARVEST.  We were all responsible for the essentials we needed. To be sure I’m not saying we should go back to that time! The point is we had no choice but to be patient and trust the process. 🙂

The reason I bring this up is for you to take a moment to look at what you expect from your meditation practice and journey into awareness. Are you seeking immediate gratification? Do you meditate for a few days then give up or move on to the next thing because you don’t notice monumental changes?

In spirit there is no time or space. Things can and do happen instantly! That’s the good news. 🙂 The next part is bringing those spiritual changes into the body and making it real. Although everything begins with your ‘thoughts’ and focus the physical body exists in time and space. It takes time for those changes to manifest on the physical plane.

Becoming conscious of where your energy is and bringing YOU back to YOU is the first step toward creating the change that you seek. It is a continual process in which you grow and expand your awareness. Honor and trust that a process is indeed taking place whether you see it instantly or not.

On any journey it might be best to check immediate gratification at the door. If you question big changes are actually taking place notice the small details. Know that even the smallest change now can shape your future in ways you can’t even begin to imagine!….Shine Your Light!~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010 All rights reserved 


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping to heal the human spirit. For more information, to schedule a reading, coaching or find out about upcoming workshops & events please visit her website or send an email to