Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Super ‘Blood’ Moon Lunar Eclipse: Ride the Tides 09/27/15

Photo Credit: Loyd Overcash

Photo Credit: Lloyd Overcash

“Sometimes the sky looks so beautiful and at the same time earth also looks so beautiful and finally we look so beautiful as well! By just looking at the nature you become the nature itself! Look at the beautiful full moon, you become a beautiful full moon!”~Mehmet Murat ildan

Tonight we are in for a rare treat; A Super “Blood” Moon Lunar Eclipse.  A Super Moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth so visually it looks larger.

Astrologically speaking tonight’s event acts as an intensified Full Moon and with the effects of a lunar eclipse in play, fasten your seat belts.

A Super Moon packs a punch as if it were 3 full moons put together. Everything is intensified and you may experience (or are already experiencing) emotional extremes. There will be no shortage of drama during the days before and after this rare celestial event.

In addition to emotional extremes we will experience an opening or an illumination of our natural psychic abilities. Expect vivid, lucid dreams and awakenings. With a lunar eclipse in play we will be receiving an energy boost of sorts.

Whether we are bringing our creations to light or eclipsing out what no longer serves us, we all have an opportunity for profound growth during this powerful time.

The Moon Controls the Tides

The moon controls the tides and the gravitational pull of a super moon is intensified. Just like the tides our emotional storms will ebb and flow, come and go. These are wonderful opportunities for growth, healing and empowerment.

Keep in mind that not all emotions will be negative. This is an event of extremes so floods of love and happiness can (and will) wash over us too. There is power in a full moon so be conscious of what you are putting out there and what you are giving energy to.

Look Up!

“The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen.”~Shannon L. Alder

All to often we stumble around in the dark for minutes, days, months and sometimes even years looking for answers. Sometimes we even spend our time dwelling in the dark because we ‘forget’ our brightness. Isn’t it easier to simply flip the light switch on? In her glory, allow the full moon to guide you. Focus on the light not the darkness.

Yes, there is a lot of energy. Yes, the energy is intensified. Yes, our emotions are all over the place BUT don’t forget the moon is magical! The best way to handle all the energy is to literally ride the tides and go with the flow!

Enjoy the rare moment. Look up! Feel the magic! Look at the beautiful moon and be the beautiful moon.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted Clairvoyant Reader, Energy Healer, Author, and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts.

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Let us begin again in love…

forgiveIn honor of Yom Kippur and with love I share with you this lovely “Litany of Atonement” by Rob Eller-Issacs.

“For remaining silent when a single voice would have made a difference…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.

For each time that our fears have made us rigid and inaccessible…
I forgive myself, I forgive you: We begin again in love.

For each time that we have struck out in anger without just cause…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.

For each time that our greed has blinded us to the needs of others…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.

For the selfishness which sets us apart and alone…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.

For falling short of the admonitions of the spirit…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.

For losing site of our unity…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.

For those and so many acts both evident and subtle which have fueled the illusion of separateness…
I forgive myself, I forgive you; We begin again in love.”~Reverend Rob Eller-Issacs from “Litany of Atonement”

Amen~Shine Your Light Debbie 
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Mercury Retrograde 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Influences and Gifts

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in Libra began on September 17 and goes until October 9th but we began feeling the effects of the retrograde since August 28th.

Slow downs, delays, miscommunications, missed appointments, technology break downs or having to go back and re-do completed projects. All due to the influences of Mercury Retrograde.

There are few astrological events that put more fear and angst into the lives of the metaphysical community than the mere mention that  Mercury is about to enter (or is in) it’s retrograde phase.

The real beauty of Mercury Retrograde are the gifts we receive. Yes, there are things to be aware of during this phase but the ‘influences’ don’t have to control our lives. Each of us has the free will to transcend and use the time and influences to our advantage.

Mercury Retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry so be sure to check and double-check your schedule. Awareness and a bit of extra communication will certainly go a long way. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences and synchronicity can be extraordinary.

Mercury is known as the trickster so you’ll want to be more mindful. Mercury RX has a way of tricking us into seeing or hearing things differently than how they are but ONLY if we are not aware. Another gift is that Mercury will surely show us those places we could use some awareness.

If you must sign a contract, make sure the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed. Your life isn’t going to stop and more often than not, in the slow down you will catch mistakes that were already there. This is yet another one of the gifts we receive!

Although it seems as if mistakes seem to show up more during the retrograde cycle it is our heightened awareness that guides us to see what we might have missed. Of course take precautions but find your amusement if you need to go back and tweak something.

This is truly a time to embrace patience and really open your eyes to the spiritual gifts of reflect and review. One of the greatest gifts of Mercury Retrograde is to shine a light on those things from our past we either didn’t want to look at or weren’t ready to release until now.

Many times we are conflicted and simply want to stuff our pain into the deepest parts of our psyche. When we allow it to come forth we are finally able to forgive and release. With Mercury Retrograde in Libra we have to opportunity to really clear out some deep-set beliefs, fear and pain.

The Gift of Mercury Retrograde in Libra will become very clear as we re-establish balance and harmony in our relationships and in our lives. Libra is all about the scales of justice and instead of judging from one side or the other, helps us to move back to center.

Libra, symbolized by the scales, is always weighing two ideals and finding balance between opposing viewpoints. When we find balance, the mid-point, we become neutral and see both sides. Our neutrality allows us to release without resistance.

Ever the diplomat, Libra is going to bring up those places you’ve felt wronged or that justice wasn’t served. As you reflect and review you’re going to finally uncover the truth behind misunderstandings thus allowing you to forgive those who have maligned you. Libra may also allow you to see with a different perspective those things you may have questioned in the past.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus so although at times the truth hurts, you will finally see the beauty in the lesson. This cycle is about heightened awareness, finding neutral and, of course, balance and harmony; As long as you don’t resist or push away what you are being shown, Venus will help you move through this ginormous growth period with grace and ease.

All in all this will be an interesting Retrograde cycle. We are going to be shown all those places we’re out of balance. Consider the gifts you are receiving from the Universe as you RE-flect, RE-visit, RE-view and RE-lease anything and everything that’s kept you out of balance.

Slow down and use this opportunity to receive your gifts of added insight, truth, peace and harmony. The gifts are there and who doesn’t like presents?~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted Clairvoyant Reader, Energy Healer, Author, and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts.

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solar-eclipse 09/13/2015

New Moon, Solar Eclipse, New Beginnings!

Solar Eclipses are profound turning points that bring endings, new beginnings, and major changes.

New moons are all about making a “clean sweep” and creating new opportunities.

Separately these cosmic events pack a powerful punch. When they come together, we’re in for a few life-altering, power packed days!

Ready or not, eclipses have the power to literally ‘eclipse out’ things in your life that no longer serve you. In addition to the instant release, what you want and need is going to come crashing into your awareness with clarity. You can welcome these changes or resist them.

If you welcome the energy and rise to the challenges presented, you will maximize your potential to gently let go of what’s not working, live life on your own terms and flourish; You free up your valuable time and energy sooner. If you resist the challenges, the process could be painful and it’s going to take you a lot longer to move through them.

Everyone is being affected by this cosmic event so you are not alone! While I am not an astrologer I do read energy and in the days leading up to this eclipse I’ve been contacted by many people who are experiencing disturbing dreams, noticing unfounded fears and experiencing seemingly abrupt awakenings. “Instant awareness” can be a bit unnerving and disconcerting.

Since eclipses bring about endings and beginnings you may find clarity about past events. The answers you seek and those people or situations which are not in alignment with your path will become obvious. An eclipse will magnify and, in essence, show you the ‘cracks’ (and what seeped into those cracks) in your foundation.

As you find clarity during this powerful time you may step into your power and decide to embark upon a new path. Be aware that with every “step up” comes letting go and it may feel like you are grieving. This is a natural part of the process so embrace it and be where you are.

One more aspect to be aware of is Mercury begins its retrograde cycle in a few days. We are already feeling the effects of the slow down. There’s no better time for reflection and release. Resolve issues and end past agreements with love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Allow the powerful one two punch of the new moon and solar eclipse to give you strength and propel you into your new beginning!

Clarity is not only about seeing what has passed so you can resolve past issues. It is about seeing with clarity those things you wish to create. Having a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to do helps you build a foundation for the future and there is no better time than today to harness the power of the eclipse to help you do that!

There are many more astrological aspects to this eclipse in Virgo but I’ll leave those to the wonderful star gazers and astrologers out there. The information presented is for you to know that eclipses cause abrupt awakenings and transformations. Take comfort in knowing the new moon helps you make a “clean sweep” and coupled with the eclipse, you are being offered the opportunity to create new beginnings.

Use today’s powerful conjunction of the new moon solar eclipse in Virgo to fling open new doors. Embrace and enjoy your clarity. Welcome new opportunities and beautiful new beginnings!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2015 All Rights Reserved
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Michael Tamura / seeing truth ~


“When we have space to be that which we are already, we’re not only fine, we’re magnificent.” Give yourself the space to BE that magnificence.

Originally posted on PGS - The Way:

I’m enjoying swapping emails with Michael Tamura, the psychic healer and teacher based at Mount Shasta, in Northern California.

Each email I get from Michael teaches me something new.

The other day he sent me an email – and in it he responded to something I’d written him, about how I learned to dispel fear while walking the Camino by asking myself: What’s the worst that can happen?

I said to him that when you answer that truthfully, and you examine that answer from all angles, without fear, then the worst is usually not so bad after all.

Here is what Michael wrote in reply:

I like your mantra, too: “What’s the worst that can happen?”  I’ve used that myself many times.  It buys us space in relationship to the fears that may arise in the mind.  And, space is not the final frontier – it needs to be the…

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Above the clouds

Finding Truth: Keep an Open Heart and Act with Kindness

Above the clouds

Reflections on a wing photo courtesy of Linda Parris

“The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.”~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Reality is a funny thing. It seems to look different to everyone. As we move through our lives we share experiences that even while we are going through them we see and experience them differently than the person we’re going through them with. Each of us has our own ‘memory’ of an event which may be different from what actually happened.

Our ‘memories’ can help or hinder us in the future depending on how we viewed a particular experience. For instance if you grabbed something hot and burned yourself, you immediately learn not to do it again. That is a helpful and very real learning experience.

If we ‘remember’ a situation as being frightening and hold on to it, the fear grows out of proportion to what really happened. It may stop us, hinder our growth or not allow us to see a situation or another person clearly because we’re seeing it through the filter of what we ‘think’ is our truth.

A good example of how this can hinder us comes from a recent client. He didn’t sleep well or at all most nights. After a rather profound healing session he ‘remembered’ that when he was a young child, he was terrified of the night-time ‘monsters’ and never felt safe at bedtime. Fast forward to him as an adult and this fear literally stopped him from restful and peaceful sleep.

When we attach what we ‘think’ is OUR truth to a person or situation, what we are doing is relying on our memory which may or may not be THE truth of what happened. If there is pain or fear in our memory we may lie to ourselves and others because we do not want to face our own pain.

What if finding truth was more about sharing and communicating our feelings openly and honestly? What if finding truth is trusting our intuition and keeping an open mind and heart? What if finding truth is accepting we are seeing something through our filters?

Speaking our truth honestly and openly is not only courageous, it serves our memory. The truth ALWAYS comes out. It may take hours, days or even years but it ALWAYS comes out and when it does there is inevitably a mess to clean up.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach a situation as long as your remember to keep an open heart and act with kindness. “Real things” don’t change, memories often do. When you are honest today there is no mess to clean up tomorrow.

We each have our own truth and (hopefully) act from that truth knowing we each have our own perspective. The reflections of our memories shift and change and ebb and flow. Speak your truth honestly, with an open heart. Act kindly as you do this because your truth is different from someone else’s and if things go wrong take a breath and have courage.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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How to meditate

How to Meditate Effectively: Hint it’s not about emptying your mind!

How to meditate“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.”~Jeremy Taylor

There are many different types of meditation and choosing which technique(s) you prefer is personal.

Some may prefer meditating sitting cross-legged on the floor, while others might choose to meditate standing on their heads

Sitting in a chair with feet flat on the floor is my preference (and what I teach) but I also tend to incorporate other techniques depending on where I am or what I’m doing.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate but there IS a common thread and that thread is going within, connecting more deeply with ourselves and mastering the ability to calm the mind, and acknowledge the magic of our spirit.

It’s a Shift of Focus and Perspective.

There are a lot of meditation techniques which subscribe to “emptying your mind” but have you ever really tried to do that? It’s like telling someone don’t think about a pink elephant. What’s the first thing you did when I said that? You probably smiled and thought of a pink elephant!

“If we know the divine art of concentration, if we know the divine art of meditation, if we know the divine art of contemplation, easily and consciously we can unite the inner world and the outer world.”~Sri Chinmoy

What if emptying your mind does not enter into the equation? What if meditation was less about a silent void and more about shifting your focus inward to connect with that magical, mystical part of you and you are welcoming yourself back home? Meditation really is the language of spirit; the divine art of uniting our inner and outer worlds.

Shifting your focus by turning your attention inward allows you to take a step back from those outer circumstances that often consume the mind while in the middle of experiencing them. As you bring your attention back to you, you “remind” yourself you are not your circumstances. You remind yourself you are a divine, infinite spirit and in doing so, your perspective will change.

What do you do with all those “thoughts”?

The simple answer to that question is let them be there. If you resist the thoughts that come up I guarantee they will stay in your head. Meditation is not about “pushing away” or “trying”. Turn your attention within and from a neutral place, notice the thoughts that come up for you. The mind is a wonderful thing and the moment you stop trying to solve or fix the thoughts in your head is the moment you can release them and fill up with the magic that is you.

When you stop trying to control your thoughts, or anything else for that matter, you are giving yourself a break from “managing” those things you really don’t have any control over, there is a release and, more than likely, a sense of relief. Meditating effectively has less to do with blank thoughts and more to do with the divine art of non-resistance.

Caution! Meditation causes an awakening. 

“Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.”~Amit Ray

As you journey within you become more aware of your divine and infinite nature. You begin to unravel and let go of untruths or negative beliefs (programming)  you may have held about yourself and others. You begin to see the “bigger picture.” You awaken and begin increasing your awareness of what is you and what is not. You awaken to truth.

Why the caution? The caution is because once you start to see the truth you can’t “un-see” it. If you truly want to meditate effectively you must face (and own) what comes up for you. This is not always an easy thing to do but in doing so, you are choosing YOU. You are choosing to uncover and discover YOU. You increase your awareness of yourself and others.

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.”~Saint Francis de Sales

Meditating effectively comes down to choosing to meditate. It’s about allowing your thoughts to “be”. It’s about release. It’s about owning and connecting with your magical, and infinite spirit. It’s about stepping out of your circumstances into your own personal and lovely inner sanctuary. It’s about grounding into your abilities and the miracle that is YOU. Welcome yourself back home.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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New Moon in Leo 08/14/15: Love, Passion, Creativity

New Moon July 2015New Moons mark the beginning of the 29 1/2 day moon cycle which lasts until the Full Moon. New Moons give us a fresh start. They give us the opportunity to set intentions, plant seeds for growth and expansion and are a time to gently increase our awareness.

A New Moon is when there is no light on the moon, but is the beginning of increasing light. As the moon’s light grows and expands we are slowly able to see (and heal if we so choose) those areas which were void of light within ourselves.

New Moons marking new beginnings allowing us to set or strengthen our intentions and re-dedicate ourselves to our soul’s purpose. We can take a breath, and decide once again to be who we are, shine our light and set a space for manifesting and making real our deepest desires.

This New Moon in Leo directly relates to our self-expression, passion and creativity. It gives us a chance to look at how we express and receive love. This potent Leo New Moon helps us to focus and renew our energies so we can bring forth our inner “roar”.

This New Moon will give us an opportunity to step up and meet our challenges with courage and conviction. The aspects of Leo are deeply rooted in passion and creativity. As we move into this moon cycle we will be asked to look at how we give and receive love. It is time to own up to the part we played in any drama and bring in the light of joy so we may move forward whole and complete.

This is a time to truly center ourselves and shine from within. It is time to acknowledge and own our desires, passions and creativity in new and deeper ways. It is time to fully embrace and express ourselves from the core of our being; from our heart. It is time to give and receive love. It is time to plant seeds full of grace, joy and our soul’s purpose.

Let us all strengthen or set new intentions and fill our lives with beauty, grace, wisdom, and joy. Let us express ourselves and show the world who we are without fear. Let us allow our passion and creativity to flow. Let us shine brightly from our heart and soul. Happy New Moon!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Prepare Yourself for the BLUE MOON! July 31, 2015

Blue Moon 07/31/2015If you’ve ever heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” you’re in for a treat as a second full moon shines brightly in the sky on July 31. (It’s also my birthday!)

Blue moons (in astrology) are not really blue but they certainly are rare. A blue moon occurs every 2.7 years. if you’ve ever said “once in a blue moon” you’d like something to happen, now is the time to put a miracle in motion by consciously setting your intentions.

Harness the energy of a full moon!

All full moons are packed with power and people experience the intense energy in different ways. It’s no coincidence (or surprise) if you been feeling “off” the past couple of days. You may feel an excitement or an unsettled feeling in your belly. You may have trouble sleeping, experience vivid (or lucid) dreams, or feel overwhelmed. If so, feel free to blame it on the energy of the full moon.

Just as the full moon lights up the night sky, so too it lights up and magnifies energies we are working on releasing so we can move forward. This particular Blue Moon is in Aquarius and is asking us to pay loving attention to all our relationships including the one we have with ourselves.

If you take time to ground and allow, this moon will help you gain clarity by illuminating your path and direction.  A full moon can turn your world upside down or give you a boost forward. It all depends on what you do with the energy and information you’re receiving. One note of interest is to think back on any projects or communications you started at the full moon a few weeks ago. This Blue Moon will give you an opportunity to fine tune or complete what you started.

Consciously set intentions!

The power of a full moon is exhilarating. It is the perfect time to consciously let go of fear, set your intentions and put dreams in motion for the future. There is a magical quality about setting intentions on a full moon night because what you put in motion now is carried into the universe to start the process. The light of the moon brings clarity in which direction to go.

What better time to create than under the bright, beautiful light of an event that only happens “once in a blue moon”? Every civilization, culture and many religions have some type of full moon ritual. You too can create your very own personal ritual that honors the energy of the full moon and the energy within YOU.

Have fun with it! Go out and howl at it! Stand under the night sky and embrace the energy of the moon to empower you! Bring the energy in to help ground you. Use it to illuminate a path you haven’t noticed before. Allow the moonlight to shine gently into  any darkness you’d like to heal. Embrace the reflection and release.

Set dreams in motion with the intention that whatever happens is with gratitude and for the highest good of all involved. If there’s something you’ve wanted to do or have happen “once in a blue moon” now is your chance to create the mock-up.

Take this second full moon to reflect on how you relate with yourself and the world. Create a full moon ritual that’s not just for “once in a blue moon”.  There is magic, healing, reflection and release in EVERY full moon. Bathe in the moonlight and dance by the light of the moon. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Dig In and Uncover the JOY!

Dg in and heal“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.”~Rumi

Those who choose to take an inner journey are truly courageous. There is nothing comfortable about doing inner work and sometimes we get sidetracked at the exact time we need to dig in.

The most uncomfortable place IS where we need to go yet it is all too easy to glaze over the pain we deeply buried long ago. In order to heal, release the energy and expose what’s keeping us stuck we need to brush away the surface and look deeply within. We need to look at those things we don’t want to see.

Each of us has the ability not only to dig in but to uncover the spark of spirit so we can grow that spark into a flame. One could say that when we dig in, we do so to find home. We dig to uncover the foundation and make space for more of who we are.

As we dig we often meet uncomfortable “truths” that unfortunately may have guided us in the past. The good news is, by uncovering them we soon realize the “dirt” is not who we are and once we see that, the dirt is easily brushed away.

Think of it this way, if you live in a glass house and you never wash the windows there will be a time when you are no longer able to see clearly. Everything you see will be filtered through the dirt and grime that attached itself and everyone that tries to see YOU will see you through the dirt and grime.

The funny thing about dirt is that often times it doesn’t want to be cleared away. It sends a message that if cleared away we will be vulnerable and exposed. Do not let that deter you from your work for it is that very vulnerability that allows us to shine from within. It is in our vulnerability we find our power and the joy of being home.

Every tempest of sorrow helps us dig and although it may feel overwhelming while we are digging, the treasure we uncover will far out-weigh what we had to go through to find it.

Dig deep and allow yourself to feel what you feel, see what you see and experience what you experience; Soon you will find you have cleared out the old roots and made space for new ones to grow. You build upon a new and stronger foundation and you discover the joy that was there all along!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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