Dance from Within!

Have you ever considered that you are a moving form of the most beautiful art on the planet? You have a physical body which is made up of chemicals and particles that have come together to create one being…YOU! All these little atoms and molecules unite with an energy of their own to create ONE. As with all energy in nature not every ONE is the same. These particles are unique not only in their own form but in how they come together to make a perfectly unique human being. You don’t see each little molecule when you look at someone, nor do you see the movement within. The heart beats, blood flows, breath brings oxygen to every cell, organs & muscles are all working. You don’t see this with the naked eye but you KNOW it’s happening! You don’t need to think about doing these things….there is no effort. The ebb & flow, at times in unison, creates movement within very much like a dance. There is a master choreographer who put together your physical body with its glorious inner movement and when you think about how amazing the body really is well…it’s a miracle and vision to behold!

You are made of energy in motion and the same is true with your spirit. The energy of your spirit is not only inside you but flows out and dances around you. The energy that surrounds you is known as your AURA. It is always in motion and is unique to YOU. Some can see it or feel it, others are aware of it, and some merely KNOW it is there. Your spirit energy is what animates the body and allows you to BE alive! It is who you are. There is truth and beauty in your spirit, it is vibrant and musical! When you can see it, feel it or merely become aware of it, that in itself creates a shift and changes not only your perspective but how others see you as well! If you’ve ever taken a moment to meditate, pray or to look inside yourself and just BE you may have noticed how you feel afterwards.  Each time you turn your attention within  a twinkling dance  begins anew! Your truth is alive in the ebb & flow of color and YOU become the CHOREOGRAPHER of that dance and indeed your life.

There really is a fine art to turning your attention within and bringing together body and spirit. After all, you have this amazing body and it’s equally amazing to BE in it! However, as with all forms of art, it may take a bit of practice to be able to quiet the mind. A nice example of this is the art of the dance. If you’ve ever seen a dance performance, what you see on stage looks effortless. The dancers create a picture of beauty  and movement that was originally in the mind of the choreographer.  BUT what you see may not have been the original picture or idea. There is a process that  is rehearsed and perfected until it’s very spirit comes alive on stage through each dancer. The choreographer may have started out with a vision of what they wanted to create but then, while creating it with the dancers and watching it come alive,  find there  is something they’d like to change. Maybe what they envisioned didn’t work, maybe it didn’t flow right, or maybe they discovered another movement that expressed a deeper meaning to the piece.  Has that ever happened to you? Once you began to create your vision, you wanted to change it for some reason?

The dancers on the other hand don’t just merely wake up in the morning knowing by osmosis what the choreographer has in mind. They also didn’t wake up knowing how to do each step, they must learn the steps and practice their art. They rehearse over and over. It’s interesting to note that what makes a great dancer is not just knowing the steps and doing them well. What makes a GREAT dancer is what THEY bring to the table. It is the part of their spirit that comes forth and shines through with each flowing movement! (I can tell you from personal experience that if you’ve never seen a brilliant LIVE dance performance you should! It is a spiritual experience just to watch!)

Now, getting back to you! 🙂 The art of quieting the mind and turning your attention within to find your vibration and flow may take some practice!  Especially since in your life, YOU are both the choreographer AND the dancer! You may be choreographing many things in your life. When you quiet the mind and just BE you can sit back and watch as what is not part of you falls away to reveal your true dance within! So often I hear that someone “can’t” sit still. Well, with practice, you CAN learn to quiet your mind. It might only be  minutes to start but in time 5 minutes turns into 10 and so on. It’s not always easy, like when learning a new dance step, but in time it becomes effortless if you practice and allow it to become a part of your daily life. With practice comes certainty and certainty allows trust that if something doesn’t work, you can change it yet again!

You truly ARE the choreographer of your life! You ARE the dancer! You get to choose the flow of your life by getting in touch with your inner BE ing, your spirit. You can dance to your very own essence! When you choreograph your own life you have the choice and free will to change what you would like to change. Whether it is thought, vibration, what you want, your life path, and even how you live your day-to-day existence. There is music in your being  and if you merely take a moment to listen…you can dance to the music of your heartbeat, your breath and your unique vibration within. Watch and experience your spirit as it dances in flowing movement in and around you. Notice the beautiful dance you are doing as the physical and spiritual parts of you come together and work in unison to create your life. Practice your art not to make it perfect but to see what works and if you desire….change the choreography! Thank you for reading my blog! Shine your Light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010

For nearly 20 years Debra has been doing clairvoyant readings and teaching classes on meditation & spiritual healing. For more information on clairvoyant readings please visit her website at You  can contact her directly at

9 thoughts on “Dance from Within!

  1. Another goodie!! … Thanks Debbie …. going to post on ‘Achievers Network’ within a few days! … Love to you my friend … xox

  2. Truly meaningful words that I hope will inspire me to accomplish all I dream to do and DANCE my way there!!! Thanks Deb.

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