Have you ever taken a moment to consider that you are a perfectly PERFECT being?! Your energy is perfect! Your essence as a being is perfect!

Your very perfect energy FEELS GOOD in your body! It flows through you! When you have YOUR energy in your body and the space around you there is a sense of ease.

Your energy feels familiar, comfortable and powerful all at the same time! Your spiritual  energy vibration is YOURS! It belongs to you and only YOU! 🙂

If you’ve never thought about how perfect you are…WHY NOT? This is not about ego. In fact take the ego part of it out of the equation because what I’m talking about has nothing to do with ego. It’s about YOU the spiritual being and YOUR energy!

Your unique spirit came into the physical body to have a variety of experiences. Some are considered “good”, some are considered “bad” but nonetheless they are experiences and you learn from them. This is the HUMAN part 🙂

What is happening in your life and everything going on around you is just that….an experience. Those experiences are all OUTSIDE of you. They are not who you are nor should they define you. When you embrace your perfect BEING-NESS by turning your attention within you can sit back comfortably and watch the show!

As human beings we are far from perfect. It could even be said that we are IMperfect! But consider for a moment what  PERFECTLY IMPERFECT human beings we are! Yes I think we are ALL perfectly imperfect in one way or another. 

When you are being a perfectly IMperfect Human that is the time to remind yourself that there is so much more to you! Remind yourself that your spirit is perfect and everything else is a learning experience. 

So next time you are moving through a perfectly imperfect human experience, remember that you are a perfectly perfect being! Turn your attention within and forgive yourself. Embrace ALL that you are, WHO you are meant to be, and WHAT you want to create!

Now, repeat after me…I AM A PERFECTLY PERFECT BEING, being human AND A PERFECTLY IMPERFECT HUMAN being! Therefore *I’M*PERFECT! Shine your light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010

This blog was inspired from a status post by my Facebook friend Jen Reynolds. Thank you for the inspiration Jen! Photo by Doc Eugenios Thank you Doc!

For nearly 20 years Debra has been doing clairvoyant readings, spiritual healings and teaching meditation workshops. She has been a featured guest on Wings of Love and Visible by Numbers radio broadcasts.

For more information on Debra’s readings please visit her website at You may contact her by email at

10 thoughts on “PERFECTLY PERFECT YOU!

  1. My dear Debbie, I enjoyed a lot what you wrote! Simply beautiful and true!
    I like a lot: “When you embrace your perfect BEING-NESS by turning your attention within you can sit back comfortably and watch the show!”.
    Waiting for other so interesting Blog posts and for another so beautiful interaction with you by Skype!

    Thanks a lot! All my Blessings to you, my dear friend! Love and adore you so so much!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Perfectly said by Perfect Human Being ~~~Debbie .Pls keep me posted of all ur coming articles i still remember enjoying the past few ones ! I may be out of sight but U are always treasured!!!

    Thanks dear!

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