Everything is energy and we are all expanding. There’s a lot of talk these days about expansion. So what exactly is being talked about?

Encarta gives the definition of EXPANSION as; “The process of increasing, or increasing something, in size, extent, or scope. Act of expanding: the act or state of expanding, opening, or spreading out.”  Also interesting are the synonyms listed: growth, development, increase, extension.

It is said that the universe is always expanding. It is in constant movement,  growing and developing and thus it is the same with you! But…what exactly is expanding? How are we growing & developing?  WHAT is increasing when we do expand?

Depending on the teacher or coach I’m sure there are many angles to ponder, however, for this blog I want to explore what is increasing and expanding for you as an individual and spiritual being. 1. YOUR AWARENESS 2. YOUR SPACE!

 “We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot
  (The Four Quartets No4-The Little Gidding)

On each spiritual journey we are exploring as we grow. All this exploring does indeed expand our universe! We each have a universe to explore but it is NOT outside of us. It lies within and expands out!

As you explore your inner self you are increasing your awareness of WHO you really are and discovering your truth. The more you explore all that is YOU, the more you begin to recognize the energies, thought patterns, illusions or programming that is NOT!

By becoming more aware of yourself,  the old patterns, energies and illusions will begin to fall away allowing you to bring in even more of YOU! Therefore, increasing awareness of YOU is the beginning of the expansion!

OK, you are increasing your awareness and bringing in more of you so what happens now? Well, all that inner transformation begins to “spill over” to the space around you. The energy space around you is your AURA! This is your SPACE.

When you fill up your space with YOU,  your own personal, unique universe is expanding! You start to become or rediscover that you are indeed the master of your universe. You are growing and developing as a being which in turn allows you to expand WITHIN the universe.

The more of YOU in your space, the more you open your mind and allow in new wonderful experiences! You are able to create more and to have manifest your deepest desires. Your truth gets uncovered and shines around you lighting your way for more exploration! 

Once you discover who you really are, you will begin, as T.S. Eliot said in The Little Gidding, to “know the place for the first time.” In other words, to see yourself and all that you are in a whole new light!  Shine your light!~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010

For nearly 20 years Debra has been doing clairvoyant readings, spiritual healings and teaching meditation workshops. She has been a featured guest on the Wings of Love and Visible by Numbers radio broadcasts.

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Tune in..Turn YOU!

A few days ago my horoscope said “…keep in mind that you’ll be happier if you can enjoy the rainbows without needing to find a pot of gold at the end of each one”. That statement was interesting to me because of the reading requests that have come in seemingly fast and furious about the pot of gold! 🙂 Now of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting that pot of gold BUT what happens when all your attention and focus is on winning the prize vs. living a miraculous life in the present?! When the future prize becomes more important than what’s going on in the here and now you could actually be missing an opportunity of a lifetime!  

 I want to be clear that what I’m talking about here has nothing to do with not having dreams, hopes or creating something new. It’s not about all the wonderful work you are doing spiritually. It is not about creating and manifesting all that you want for your life. What I’m referring to is when the pot of gold becomes THE ONLY THING and becomes so specific that you are not living the full spectrum of your rainbow life from the inside out! 🙂 Living life “in the body” in present time is an amazing experience! When you focus on ONE particular person place or thing and it consumes your thoughts, not only is your attention outside yourself  but you are probably in effort. Not only that, you have consciously or unconsciously created a limit and what is called a perfect picture.

If your quest has become specific to a person, place or thing instead of the bigger picture and being open to what comes in you may find yourself a bit unhappy. It’s easy to figure out because very simply…it doesn’t feel good! You are attached to something,  someone or a specific future outcome and not the present time experience. Life is a process and when you allow that process to happen you can live the rainbows every day! If the pot of gold becomes a perfect picture,  and you will only accept that as your reality, you are limiting your life experience. Would you give up a date with an amazing person because you are waiting for George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston to call? Would you give up $50,000 because you are waiting for 1 million? OK those are a stretch but I’m betting you can think of something in your life that you’ve made a perfect list of what it is, what it should look like or what needs to happen before something else can happen!

The universe works in very mysterious ways and when you have a full spectrum of experiences, like the colors or the rainbow you may decide to change what your pot of gold looks like! So while it is true that an experience might not lead to the pot of gold, it is growth and will certainly allow you the freedom to re-create what that pot of gold IS and what it means for you! 🙂 Check in with yourself and see if you have inadvertently placed any limits on yourself. If you are in a place where you are feeling frustrated that you are not getting EXACTLY what you want and you dismiss other possibilities, it’s a sign you’ve created a perfect picture! You have the freedom and choice to change and heal…if you choose to. 

There is a  rainbow of light that lies in the very core of your being! Tune in to it! Tune in to YOU! Turn on from within! Tuning in to your very unique vibration is like turning on a light switch! Perhaps the particular pot of gold you seek is already there just waiting to have a light shine on it! Once you tune in the healing begins! Clearing limits and perfect pictures allows you to live all the colors of the rainbow and the world is your oyster!  When you are in TUNE, grounded and in the flow of your own energy you live from your truth and can create or re-create your reality! You open yourself up to limitless possibilities and with limitless possibilities, there is choice and freedom! So what colors of the rainbow do you want to experience? Shine your Light~Debbie Taitel

©Debra Taitel 2009-2010 All rights reserved 

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