Looking from the Seat of Your Soul….

Photo courtesy of Kate Janes ©All Rights Reserved

Entertain for a moment that you are sitting in a comfy chair and looking through a window. What you see on the other side of the window is your life. A glimpse, if you will, into the physical aspects. This is one time it’s OK to be a “voyeur” and do a little self stalking 🙂  As you watch the scene before you also take notice of the inside details and the window itself.

Perhaps the window frame is beautiful with lovely curtains. There is comfort from your easy chair and it feels good to be right where you are. Consider for a moment this is the seat of your soul and this is you BEing. What you see on the outside is life as you have created it. What do you see? Is it bright with gardens growing different types of flowers? Or is it rainy and muddy? Are there rolling green pastures teaming with life? Or is it black & white lacking color and vibrancy?

As you watch yourself through the window notice your emotions. Notice if you are merely working to make a living or living to do what you love. Do you see passion, love and enthusiasm filling each moment? Or do you immediately want to close the blinds and not look at all? Closing the blinds not wanting to see is common. The world outside especially with the current state of affairs may not be something you’d like to look at but in reality this is your life and how you’ve created it with your choices and reactions to outside influences.

Many times people don’t want to take responsiblity for what’s going on in their lives and yet at some level, it was created by them. They have left the comfort of their easy chair to go outside and have forgotten how beautiful it is inside. Some have forgotten, in a sense, that they have the choice to navigate life from an easy chair, and to be in agreement or alignment with what is created.

What do you see when you look out your window? Do you like what you see? Is it full of joyful enthusiasm and zest for life? Does the outside match YOUR inside? Do you find yourself REACTING to energy or are you GENERATING your own? When you are in alignment with who you are and generating your own energy you create your life based on what YOU want.

It’s not that there will never be stormy days and times you won’t want to shut the blinds tightly. You can’t control the weather or the actions of others but you certainly can choose to react in alignment with your dreams and vision of how you want life to be. When it’s stormy you can choose to see beams of sunlight behind the clouds to find the bright spot in the storm and when the storm has passed you might even see a rainbow!

If you have gone outside put your umbrella away and come back INSIDE! Take a seat and notice how beautiful, safe and comfortable it is inside. Align yourself with what’s inside then look outside your window and see what you see. Find the sunbeams playfully hiding behind the clouds. See life clearly and if you don’t like what you see, picture it how you want it to be and watch it change like magic! 🙂 ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2011 All rights reserved


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The Risk of Shining Outweighs the Risk of Blending In!

Photo Courtesy of Lake County Forest Preserve

Making the decision to live from the truth of who you really are verses blending in with the status quo is indeed risky. It might mean people will see ALL of you even those parts where you feel you are imperfect. It might mean everyone won’t like you for speaking your mind or not giving up space to their dramas.

You can blend in, going with the flow of others instead of your own but in the end, you’ll find you are asking yourself why. When you blend in, you lose a part of yourself. For some, blending in is the very thing they need and want to do. They don’t want to upset the apple cart so to speak. They are content living their lives from the programming set up for them by parents, teachers or society. They are not wrong for wanting this and you are not wrong for wanting something different!

The rare pink katydid shown in the picture is beautiful! She runs the risk of being seen and eaten by any number of predators. Unlike the other katydids she does not blend in with the leaves for safety. She shows herself. What a shame it would be if we did not have a chance to see her! This katydid is rare and unique…just like YOU! There is no one like you anywhere and you have a contribution to make. You might not realize it but you do. We ALL do!

When you bring your rare, unique energy in to your body you stand out in a crowd.  There is no camouflage and it might feel uncomfortable at first. Although standing out in a crowd, living life to the beat of your own drum is risky you will find great value in doing so. It allows you to bring forth and create a life you are passionate about living! What’s the point of living a day-to-day existence if you are not living your dream?

Deciding to be your own person may take some healing in areas of your life where you’ve lived from someone else’s picture of what or who you are. You might need to clear pain, heal past wounds or let go of being responsible for someone else’s pain. There is nothing noble or enlightened about carrying around other peoples pain and not shining so others are comfortable. You have a divine right to be here and you have a divine right to shine.

Choosing to show your true colors to the world opens up a whole new world for you! Isn’t it interesting that the rare pink katydid flourishes despite the risk of showing herself? She might be rare but she exists, proudly showing her bubblegum pink self for all to see. So to you I say; Show yourself and make your contribution to the world! Come out, come out wherever you are!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  All rights reserved


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