Please EXcuse the exCuse’!

How many times in your life have you asked someone to excuse you? Asking to be excused is a form of politeness and in some cases, like when you were in school and needed to be excused from class, you brought a note from your parents.

The english language  is tricky if it is not your mother tongue but it is interesting that the same word is used to pardon or release someone AND to offer a reason for something you cannot or won’t do. Have you ever taken note of how many times you say “excuse me” or how many “excuses” you make each day?

Who or what are you exactly excusing and to whom? Are you somehow justifying  or rationalizing something to yourself in the process? Do you find yourself making excuses for someone else? More importantly are you being truthful when you are asking to be excused or making the excuse? If you take ownership of the things you do or say there is no need for an excuse! Ownership means taking responsibility for your actions, words, and choices and how they may have affected someone else…or possibly even how the excuses you make affect your own life.

Being polite is wonderful and I’m sure you’ll agree that we try to be polite to each other but when you excuse and make excuses to yourself you are  not taking ownership of a decision that consciously or unconsciously you have made. Exploring WHY you chose a particular word,  action (or inaction), or why you made a certain choice leads you to learning more about yourself. Taking an inner journey and becoming aware of the “why” opens the door to change those things you wish to change. Why did you say or not say this or that? Why did you choose that action or inaction? Why did you make that particular choice at all?

Every thought, deed or action has a learning experience tied to it. Your awareness and ownership of the choices you make can lead you on a very interesting journey of the soul. You don’t have to change for others and in fact it’s not a good plan to try to fit in with the status quo because it doesn’t come from your heart; If however there are things you’d like to change about yourself, look within to  see the foundation that you built those choices upon.

Did YOU build that foundation? Is it built on your truth? Who was the contractor who helped you build it or have you built that foundation on outdated habits and/or ego? It may be that the foundation of the choices you make excuses for today was laid or programmed by someone else yet you’ve built upon that foundation for so long, it has become a part of your reality!

This is not about being right or wrong in a situation. It’s about owning your choices and taking responsibility for them. If you make a mistake own it and learn from it. Clear the energy, the guilt and forgive yourself. Once the light of awareness  illuminates an excuse consider it an opportunity to learn and heal.

So please excuse the excuse! Take ownership of your life and stop making excuses! If you find yourself making excuses for (to) yourself or someone else in your life own them, forgive yourself and meditate on why. YOU have the power to change, heal and create a better YOU when and if you choose to take responsibility! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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Are You an Energetic Punching Bag?

Have you ever felt like a punching bag or magnet for punishing energy? You know what I’m asking here! It’s those times when you were feeling pretty good, went into a meeting or family gathering and walked out like Muhammed Ali just delivered a knock-out punch and laid you out in the boxing ring.

Your head is ringing, eyes are blurry, everything seems to overwhelm you and all you want to do is curl up in a corner and take a nap even though nobody actually touched your physical body.  I’m pretty clear that at one time or another each of us has experienced this or something like it! When you finally get back into your own space, you are left wondering what happened, if it was you that caused it or you get angry and blame the person (or group) who ‘did it to you’. Often it causes you to feel like a powerless victim.

If you have ever asked why you feel punished like this, you might want to take a look at what it is that you are resisting! Resistance is an interesting energy to explore.  Energy gets thrown around all the time and you can’t control what others do whether it be in the body or energetically. The reason energy ‘sticks’ or feels like a knock-out punch (whack) has everything to do with how much you are resisting!

In fact, resistance acts as a magnet for punishment and what you resist, persists! The same goes for if someone ‘pushes your buttons’ (this is a figure of speech). When a sensitive spot is hit, if you resist it’s going to feel like someone just stuck a knife in you. The good news is when you clear the energy of resistance the punishment  begins to clear as well.

You are not powerless nor do you have to fight or try to control the energy of others.  Your power lies in the ability to neutralize resistance to the energies or pictures that YOU are working on in your own life. The first thing to do when you experience a knock-out punch is to take time in meditation to find those places you resist. Be extra gentle with yourself and bring in lots of forgiveness.

A windmill does not resist the wind! It allows the wind to spin its sails and converts it to energy that is generated.  You too can stand tall like a windmill allowing the winds to blow and not resisting. You can use the winds as a learning experience and renewable resource to transform yourself!

You too like the windmill can use what you learned to further you on your life’s path so you are generating energy instead of being the effect of it! You can also resist and fight the winds…it’s YOUR choice~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2009-2011 All rights reserved 

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