Are you waiting for Godot….?

waitingThis blog was inspired by several lovely women whom I’ve recently had the opportunity to read. These profound readings brought to mind the Samuel Beckett play, “Waiting for Godot”. “Waiting for Godot follows two days in the lives of a pair of men who divert themselves while they wait expectantly and unsuccessfully for someone named Godot to arrive. They claim him as an acquaintance but in fact hardly know him, admitting that they would not recognise him were they to see him. To occupy themselves, they eat, sleep, converse, argue, sing, play games, exercise, swap hats, and contemplate suicide — anything “to hold the terrible silence at bay”.  The play opens with the character Estragon struggling to remove his boot from his foot. Estragon eventually gives up, muttering, “Nothing to be done.” ( reprinted from Wikipedia) and thus, they spend the rest of their time “doing nothing” but waiting. I encourage you to Google the play as it is very thought provoking….That said, I was inspired by the readings AND the play…perhaps you will be too! 🙂

In the readings there seemed to be a theme that these women were “waiting” for something. In fact, each of these women validated that they were indeed “waiting” for the perfect moment, perfect relationship and to move forward at just the right time. As in the play they felt “Nothing to be done”  until everything lined up perfectly and matched exactly what  they had imagined. And so they did nothing but wait. I asked one woman if she knew what she was waiting FOR. Her answer was that she had always imagined a perfect life, with the perfect husband, the perfect family and to be perfectly happy.  She was waiting for perfection and in many ways invalidated or discounted anything that didn’t “match” that expectation of what it would look like.  In fact much of the time she couldn’t have the beautiful life she had already created for herself because it wasn’t the perfection she thought she was seeking. Again, “nothing to be done” but wait.

So is there somthing YOU are WAITING for? It could be a relationship, the perfect job,  the kids to go off to college so you can begin a new chapter in your life, for that perfect guy or woman to call, for someone to validate you. Are you waiting for ‘just the right time’? Those are just a few examples but you may have something else in mind. Now I ask you…what does whatever it is YOU are waiting for look like to you and is it what’s called a PERFECT PICTURE or ideal? You could actually have so much of your energy focused on the PERFECT that you have stopped creating and have little energy for anything else except your day-to-day “chores” and responsibilities! Have you stopped experiencing , allowing and living life in the present? Are you having what you already have? What might you have missed WHILE  you were waiting and focusing on that PERFECT PICTURE to manifest itself? It may be that the very thing or answer you are waiting for is right in front of you but your attention is somewhere else so you’ve missed it! The interesting thing is that it’s possible some of these PERFECT PICTURES that you so dearly hold on to AREN’T EVEN YOURS!

Of course you have dreams and imagine how you want your life to be.  BUT when you turn all of your focus and attention to matching something perfect, you can get a bit stuck. If you are WANTING in many ways it is like lacking something not to mention it ties up your energy! If your attention is focused on or actually IN someone else’s picture…say something your Mom wanted for you as an example, you are not even focusing on your own TRUTH.  When your energy is focused on or even caught up in a picture it’s difficult to create, you can lose motivation or give up altogether!

Well guess what? When you pull your energy and focus out of the pictures you have MORE to create WITH!  ALLOW the process to just happen! When you are allowing there’s no need to be DOING. 🙂 Manifesting your dreams can be as simple as imagining the dream, letting it go and allowing it to come back to you. NO EFFORT! 🙂 You don’ t need to focus outside yourself ON or IN the picture.  You don’t have to wait for Jupiter to be aligned with Mars. All your answers are within that beautiful, creative, BRILLIANT, loving YOU! Look inside yourself to find your PASSION. What YOU really dream of! It may be different from what think you SHOULD be doing, or what you always thought you WOULD be doing! It’s about BEing:-)

You have the ability and power to change your life by bringing your very essence home, so to speak. Much of what you need to do is SIMPLY bring your attention back to you and be in present time. Call back your energy from the pictures! I know it seems simple and it really is…your intent goes a long way!  Notice how it feels as you fill up with YOUR ENERGY. When your own very personal, unique energy is in your body you vibrate and shine brightly.  Your motivation comes back, you see possibilities where you thought none existed and all the things you were waiting for will begin to appear in present time. Waiting for something implies the future yet creating  happens in the here and now. So what are you waiting for? Look inside yourself! Meditate! Instead of waiting at a bus stop, passing the time, waiting for some sort of perfection focus on the feeling of YOU within YOU! Focus on how good it will FEEL when your dreams become reality! Take a moment right now, create the intent to call back all your energy and fill up with it! Just for fun repeat after me: ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO ME! 🙂

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Remember the game “Simon Says” from when you were a child? Follow these steps just for fun!  Come on it’s just a game:-) Simon says raise your left hand. Simon says put your hands on your hips. Simon says touch your toes. Simon says touch your nose.  Simon says clap your hands. Simon says blink your eyes. Touch your head. Simon says wiggle your toes. Simon says “say HOORAH!” Wasn’t that fun?! 🙂 Did you do everything Simon said? Maybe you found it silly or perhaps it made you smile to think of how it fun it was when you were little!

Now let me ask you something….did you touch your head? Did Simon say to do it? Of course if you didn’t touch your head OK, you know the game! If you did touch your head, well it’s just a game isn’t it? Or is it? 🙂 Practically from the time you are born you are “taught” to follow the rules, do what you’re told, mind your manners, don’t speak until you are spoken to etc.  You have to ask permission to do something or someone has to tell you to do it before you do.  Now of course, this is good for children but what happens when that energy carries over to your adult life?

The game Simon Says is actually a good example of programming and how it can control YOU. Simon, the control, tells you to do something and you do it. If Simon doesn’t say it…well, YOU LOST. You failed! You’re out of the game! No one WANTS to lose and not be a part of the game anymore! After all, your FRIENDS are still playing and YOU lost! 😦 Early on you figure out that the next time you play the game, all you have to do is make sure that you don’t do ANYTHING unless Simon Says you should do it.

Do you or did you have a “Simon” in your life? Are you waiting for Simon to say you can DO something? Or the flip side….are you spending so much time responding to all the rules and responsibility heaped upon you that you forget about creating your dream? Do you have a passion for something but find yourself waiting until….(you fill in the rest there)? Did someone at some point in your life tell you “YOU CAN’T DO THAT”? Are you waiting to be validated for your brilliant idea before you move forward with it? More importantly did you follow someone else’s “rules” about how your life should be up to this point?

Perhaps you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions. Well, I don’t know who Simon is but from a clairvoyant perspective I see controls and programming at work all the time. Many of the people I read are living their lives as “they are supposed to”.  Think about it this way, did anyone ever say to you “you’re out of control!” Now I ask you whose control are you out of? Can you imagine how my parents would have reacted if I responded to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with “I WANT TO BE A CLARIVOYANT HEALER!” Call me kooky but I’m pretty much thinking that might not have gone over too well!

When you become aware of and release the “Simon says” pictures that are indeed a part of all of us, you begin to heal the part of you that stops you from being who you truly are. The more of your own energy you bring in, and the more you focus on your own dreams….the more can create!

A wonderful friend of mine, Hemal Radia, Manifesting &  Law of Attraction,  has written this lovely quote “When we are doing what we are doing for the love of doing it, very present moment oriented, we are creating magic.” There’s a lot of truth in those words. When you become your own “Simon”, you can create your own magic! Follow your dreams & passions and come alive with the possibilities! Do what you love for the love of doing it, not because it’s what you “should” do. There is no time like the present to take a moment, look inside yourself and find your magic! If you’re having a challenge with this…I’ll help you out:-) SIMON SAYS FIND YOUR MAGIC!

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