A Healing Message: Return to Center

CenteredLast night I while watching the movie “Gatsby” I was reminded of our ability to be both “within” and “without” as we move through our daily lives. All too often we go outside of ourselves and depart from “center” which, in essence, shifts our balance AND clarity.

There are your inner workings, your thoughts, feelings and emotions then there is what goes on in the world around you. It’s easy to get caught up in those things outside of you and out of your control but the reality is when you return to center there is no “inside” or “outside” there is balance and a sense of neutrality. From center you get to observe as well as take part in life.

Your center is a neutral, safe, quiet place where you are in balance with your life. It is free of  “energetic charge” and puts you in control of your choices. When you are centered you run your life, it doesn’t run you. From center you are aware of the “within” AND the “without”. You begin to recognize what is your truth and what is not. You experience harmony within and notice that perhaps the drama and chaos is not really yours.

Each time you return to center you connect mind, body, spirit and soul. You connect with truth, inner guidance and greater awareness. Returning to center allows you to experience an ebb and flow of joy, your divinity, your strength. It allows you freedom to be you and the joy that comes with being yourself. It brings you back to YOU.

Yes, you will go “without” from time to time for a lesson or experience but each time you do that you are truly going “without” because you are going without you. When you go outside of yourself to find an answer, have an experience or learn a lesson return to center with all you have observed, learned and experienced and return to the rhythm and beat of your heart and soul. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2013 All Rights Reserved

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A Message to Heal Your Heart….

Today’s healing message is about love and healing your heart. All of us have had our hearts hurt at one time or another and it sometimes causes us to retreat and hide. There are those longing for love yet have been so hurt in the past they bury it deeply within the heart. They are no longer able to bare their soul, be who they are and shine from within lest they be hurt again.

Love makes you vulnerable but it is that very love, the love you have in your heart, which has strength beyond measure. Love allows your soul to “crawl out from its hiding place”.  Although we love others and wish to be loved, love is not anything outside of you. Love is within you. You came from love and you ARE love. Your soul IS love!

The best way to heal a sad heart is to find that love within and start loving yourself again. Surround yourself in the love you are. Embrace the love in your heart. Love is never ‘not good enough’. Love is never ‘wrong’. What makes one feel that way is the ego and mind thinking love is outside of you. Love is not a thing to be chased after because it’s already inside you. Love is a vibration that brightens your spirit allows you to shine.

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine yourself radiating and sitting in the middle of a place of pure love. Breathe in the love that is surrounding you and allow it to transform any pain you feel. Exhale what has now been transformed into love to send love out into the world. If someone has hurt you, allow yourself to bring in the light of forgiveness and imagine them in a bubble of love outside of you then bring your attention back to radiating and surrounding yourself in your own love vibration.

If you are seeking love, you must find it within yourself lest you find yourself in a game of hide and seek. Perhaps it’s not someone else who is “it” in the game. What if the “it” who is seeking is you and what if your soul came out of hiding? Imagine the possibilities of shining instead of hiding. Bare your soul by radiating love! Allow your soul to come out play for awhile!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2013 All rights reserved

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