The Healing Power of Hello…The Eyes Have It!

EyesWhen was the last time you received a spiritual HELLO? When was the last time you connected, and I mean REALLY connected, with another person?  When was the last time you acknowledged the divinity in yourself and another?

Our lives our so busy and we’re around people every day. We pass them on the street, we have work colleagues, friends, family, clients and of course the grocery clerks, waiters and friendly Starbucks Baristas but  are you connecting and acknowledging each other as spirit?

Now, there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding an answer and I found that answer in the form of a simple HELLO! I recently taught a meditation workshop in Chicago and what happened in that workshop reminded me of how powerful and healing a spirit to spirit HELLO is.  Although this was a wonderful experience for the 16 beautiful souls who attended, you can practice it for yourself every day!

There is always a lot of energy around teaching any sort of workshop involving love and the heart center and this workshop definitely lived up to task. I had already guided the participants through their first meditation to shift them into present time but I noticed they were having difficulty connecting with their bodies. They seemed to be hovering just above their heads. Several were clearly isolated,  hiding and swimming in painful memories. The energy in the workshop was so intense that I deviated from my notes and had the participants stand up, take the hands of someone else, look directly into their eyes, smile and simply say “hello,  (insert name) it’s so nice to meet you, I’m (insert name)”.

What I saw and experienced next was truly amazing. In fact I would have to say the miracle of  healing was clearly alive and well! Almost immediately after the exercise started the room got brighter! I stood back and watched as the energy that once loomed like a dark cloud over the room lifted and was replaced by a beautiful golden light. By the end of the exercise  not only did everyone have their space but they were shining from a place of validation! Everyone’s eyes were sparkling and every single person had a smile on their face!

The eyes are the window of the soul…

What happened in the workshop is very simple. When you look directly into the eyes of another and say hello you are acknowledging their spirit. The human touch and simple hello told that person ‘Hey, I see you! I know your name! You are not just some anonymous person in the room.’ You simply cannot look deep into someone’s eyes and say hello without validating them. A simple in the moment “hello” also brings you right into present time not only with the person you’ve said hello to but with your surroundings as well.

So often we go about our days with our head in the clouds. Our thoughts are somewhere else. We could be in a room full of people and feel totally isolated and alone. We are so busy doing and thinking about the next thing that needs to be done or worrying about this or that, that we sometimes brush off (not necessarily intentionally) those who are right in front of us and some of those are the ones we love the most. We are not “present and accounted for” and grounded in the moment.

Of course it is not always be proper to take both someone’s hands in yours but a handshake works and you can always look into someone’s eyes as you say hello even when casually passing on the street. There is so much you can see when you look into a persons eyes and a simple hello with a smile has the power to heal a hurting, isolated person including yourself.  As an added bonus to saying hello while looking into someone’s eyes while saying their name; You remember their name. This is my favorite party trick! Go ahead and try it! Even if you have difficulty remembering people’s names you will remember because you are not only saying hello to a body in front of you, you are connecting spirit to spirit.

Practice looking into someone’s eyes, smiling and saying hello. You are not merely using the words when you look deeply into someone’s eyes. You are acknowledging and validating the divinity, spirit and soul essence of another and yourself. You bring yourself and that person into the present moment and in the process shift your energy. So HELLO! I SEE YOU! And of course, practice makes perfect! HELLO!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2013 All Rights Reserved
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You had me at HELLO!

HelloHELLO! Greetings and salutations! Hey! Hi! Howdy and Hello! What simple, yet powerful words these can be! How can a simple “hello” be powerful you may ask? The answer is that a hello acknowledges and validates the very existence of another human being! We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are living in a time of wonderful transformation yet in my readings and indeed in my daily life, I see people are literally craving a very simple concept. A spirit to spirit hello.

Have you ever felt invisible? I remember as a child I felt that way many times.  It seemed as if adults were talking and I wasn’t even there. There were times I was in a room and not even acknowledged. You’ve heard the saying “children should be seen and not heard” but I felt like I wasn’t being seen either. It’s been many years since I’ve felt  invisible. In fact I haven’t even thought about it since taking my very first meditation class in the early ’90’s. That is, until last week….

Last week I woke up a bit out of sorts. I wasn’t quite feeling ‘in my body’ and real. Normally I go out for a run to get in my body. (Exercise is a great way to feel your body.) When I finished I went to Starbucks as usual. I look forward to seeing the baristas and no matter my mood, for some reason I feel better when I leave. They always say good morning, ask me how the run was, how far, how’s work going.  They smile, look me in the eye and always greet me and acknowledge my presence…not to mention they know my coffee order. 🙂 Anyway, you get the picture.

Normally my Starbucks is a buzz of communication. However on this day as I looked around me I noticed that no one was smiling or looking at anyone else. People were listening to Ipods, working on computers, talking on cell phones, reading the newspaper. For the most part it was as if people weren’t aware of the others in the room. Other than a few tables of people actually talking with each other, NO ONE was interacting! I was in a room full of people and felt totally alone. I watched as customer after customer placed their orders never noticing or acknowledging the person taking their order. Some barely paused their cell phone conversation to place their order. 

I was standing at the counter and placing my order when a man walked up behind me began to give his order. I was in mid sentence with the barista who was looking directly at ME. When I turned around and said hello to this man his response was “oh, sorry I didn’t see you there”. I was standing right in front of him!  As I continued looking around it was as if I was watching a scene in a play from the audience. For the first time since I was a child, I felt invisible!

Then something miraculous happened. Walking home,coffee in hand kind of feeling sorry for myself in that invisible mode, a complete stranger looked me in the eye, smiled and said HELLO. A simple hello instantly changed me from being invisible to being SEEN! This immediately brought a smile to my face. Then the homeless person on the corner said good morning. I looked her in the eye smiled and replied “good morning”…then SHE smiled. I watched her aura get brighter the moment I looked her in the eye! When I give a clairvoyant reading, I can clearly see the impact of spirit to spirit communication. The person I’m reading gets validated by communication to their spirit and of course I find my validation from seeing them get brighter! What I learned on this particular day was how a simple smile, good morning & hello can have an impact on your life.

So how can you give and receive spirit to spirit communication? Well, of course you can get a clairvoyant reading 🙂 but in the meanwhile, you can  practice this in your everyday life! Think of it as a little game of playing with energy. The essence of spirit is playful so this shouldn’t be so hard to do. 🙂 When you go out into the world today, put on a smile, look someone in the eye and say HELLO. Do this with strangers, the homeless person on the street, your neighbors and even the grocery store check out person! Don’t just merely pause your cell phone conversation to place an order at Starbucks…or where ever. Notice what happens when you do this! The simple act of saying hello can change a grimace to a smile, make a sad person feel better,  perhaps give someone hope, or validate the beautiful existence of spirit in someone who feels invisible! You may be surprised at what you get back!  I guarantee as you notice the reaction you receive, it will brighten your day and validate you in spirit as well! I welcome you to post your comments about what YOUR experience was! HELLO!