Are Your Eyes Wide Shut?

eyesclosedWhen it comes to healing I think we all like to “say” we are aware and we’ve dealt with things but have we really? Are your eyes wide open or wide shut? Have you really examined and cleared out the energy signatures that  remain? There is more to healing than simply “putting it behind you” and moving on.

I find many “self-aware” people are the ones with their eyes tightly shut and for good reason. Why would a loving, good person want to look at and acknowledge pain? Why would anyone for that matter? There are just some things we have difficulty or don’t want to look at.

To truly heal and put it behind you, you must acknowledge, forgive, and clear out the painful memory or energy that has affected your growth and changed you forever. You must allow your feelings to bubble up and flow freely no matter what they are.

Energy Signatures & Imprints

Putting something behind you is definitely a great step to take but there are energy signatures or imprints which remain until the energy is released from the physical body or from a different level in the energy body.  Those who are healers or who do psychic work are particularly vulnerable.  Having your eyes wide shut doesn’t mean you are not aware. In fact you are probably acutely aware of energy, spirit and the like but when it comes to looking at energy left behind, uncovering another layer or clearing filters within yourself, that’s another matter.

If you experience and notice repeating patterns in your life, the energy is still there. If you identify with a past trauma and allow it to shape your life, the energy is still there. What keeps it there you may ask? Most times it is due to an unconscious fear, resistance or it’s just to painful to look at. Those energies get in the way of having your eyes wide open and seeing it for yourself. You can resolve a matter in your head but if the energy is not released it will continue to come up time and time again.

Keep in mind that it may not have been you that shut your eyes! Sometimes there is an energy that comes in that will push your panic button, send you running for the hills and cause you to clamp your eyes shut. It is also possible that someone didn’t want you to see clearly.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, got blindsided with a break up and said “I didn’t see it coming” that’s a hint that your eyes were wide shut or they were shut for you. Have you ever not gotten on the bathroom scale because you didn’t want to see what you weighed or put bills in a drawer because you couldn’t look at them? Nothing changes until you find acceptance and deal with the energy at hand.

Acceptance and Forgiveness

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”~Serenity Prayer

You can’t change the past but you can accept and acknowledge that something happened to possibly change your life forever. Accept and acknowledge you may have taken on energy from others. Forgive yourself if you continue to heal the past. Forgive yourself and release any guilt for not being able to heal someone. Not everyone wishes to be heal themselves the way you wish to heal.

Open your eyes with forgiveness and love in your heart. For yourself, for others and for whatever happened. Allow yourself time to grieve, get angry and then let it go. Breathe, acknowledge, forgive, release then fill up with your energy and the love you are. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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