New Moon + Eclipse: Come on Baby Light My Ring of Fire!

solar-eclipse Ring of FireThis is an amazing time for transformation and today’s New Moon “Ring of Fire” Eclipse is the ‘bookend’, so to speak, for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of the month. Clearly things have been stirred up in recent weeks and each of us now has the opportunity to build a new foundation.

Since the lunar eclipse we have seen illusions come to light and crumble leaving us a bit raw. It’s never easy when illusions clear and we realize what we thought was the truth, was not. Many of us experienced the truth like a lightening bolt which left us literally floored. BUT with truth at hand we now have new opportunities and new choices to make. It is time to nurture, ground and make real our transformation.

New Moons are new beginnings and this is the time to re-align with your personal and spiritual goals. Ground yourself and your goals to create a solid foundation built on YOUR truth. Take solace if you are feeling shaky from what you learned as the illusions cleared. This is a time to bravely move forward and commit to your dreams.

The last Ring of Fire Solar eclipse was in May of 2012. Think back to the past couple of years and note how much you’ve changed; How much your life has changed. With each cosmic event we have an opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves and begin to create from a place more in alignment with our being.

Your inner flame to burns brightly! Allow the transformation from the inside to transform your outer world. Bring it on New Moon! Come on baby light my fire!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Solar Flares Wreak Havoc on Healers and Sensitives!

Solar Flares 2014
Photo Courtesy of NASA

Feeling like your energy is off? You might want to consider the impact of the solar flares expected to hit the earth today! The energy of the sun is powerful and as healers, empaths, or anyone sensitive to energy for that matter, you are going to feel that energy.

The effects of cosmic events such as solar flares are different  for each person but for sure if you a sensitive to energy you’re going to feel it in some way, shape or form. You may have trouble sleeping or feel a bit “buzzy”. For some, the extra energy will cause pain or illness to suddenly “flare up” among other things.

The flare, called a “coronal mass ejection” actually happened on Tuesday and hit Earth’s magnetic field at its heaviest last night and this morning. It is expected to cause problems with communication systems as well as GPS and navigation. Any time the earth’s magnetic field is affected like this so to are our bodies and energy systems.

If you’re used to running cosmic and earth energy you’ve already felt the indirect effects of the flares since Tuesday. This is not something you can fix or solve but it helps to be aware you are getting hit with a lot more energy than usual.

There are a couple of things you CAN do for the next couple of days to calm your energy. One is to turn it down. Set the intent when you’re meditating or running energy to bring in only what you need. It’s also a good idea to check your grounding and bring in more earth energy to balance out the magnetic shift. Check in with yourself to see what feels right to you. Be gentle with your body since it is directly effected by the earth’s magnetic field.

On a bright note, solar flares bring beauty to the earth. Depending on where you’re located the Aurora Borealis has expanded its field of view. Check your local “star-gazing” site to see if you’ll be able to watch the Northern Lights shimmering low on the horizon in your area. Meanwhile check in with yourself, turn it down a bit and re-ground! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2014 All Rights Reserved
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