Having trouble letting go? LET IT BE!

PurpleFlower“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”~Steve Maraboli

Have you ever had trouble clearing an energy or letting something or someone go? If so, you are not alone!  My email box is filled almost daily with letters from clients and colleagues alike asking why it’s so hard to let go of certain things. Whether it is an emotion, an energy, a memory or a person sometimes we focus so much on letting go and pushing it out we forget what’s holding it there in the first place; Resistance and control.

Resistance in the form of not wanting it there and “working” to move it out; Control in the form of trying to control the energy, the outcome or the emotion that comes along with having to look at whatever it is you want to let go of. You may not even realize resistance or control is in play but if you can’t let go of something you can be sure there is. It’s important to remember that if you can’t let go you are holding on and what you hold on to takes up space and keeps you stuck. There are several steps you can take to clear the energy, pictures or programming taking up space and the first step is….


Let the energy be and let yourself be. Give yourself the space to feel what you feel and see what you see. Many of our memories are full of pain or fear. In real life if you don’t want to see something you can scrunch your eyes tightly shut. When you are trying to clear energy you must face all of it and it will, not maybe, it WILL bring up a lot of emotion. Give yourself space and give the memory, picture or energy a space to be. Just notice it. See it for what it is, acknowledge it, forgive yourself for your part in it, give it a space then….

STOP thinking of it as “letting go” and start thinking of it as RELEASE!

I admit in the past I’ve been a big proponent of letting go but in a recent workshop I attended I learned and experienced first hand how easy it is to clear energy when you shift from ” letting go” of energy to “releasing” it. This subtle shift in how one thinks of it is not only quite powerful but simple. Thinking of clearing as a release allows it to be. Release sets the energy free. Release sets YOU free!

During the workshop I pictured everything I was ready to clear as butterflies. When I released those butterflies and watched them fly away it brought me a sense of joy. Whatever image you choose to use to help you clear, put the energy and pictures into those images and release them to free up more space in your world.

Letting it BE and Releasing puts YOU in control!

Isn’t it interesting how much time and energy we spend trying to control what is outside of our control? Isn’t it interesting how much time and energy we spend trying to bully or blame or push out the energy in our space? If you’re struggling to let go of something keep in mind you are trying to control it and it’s taking up space; Space you no longer have  available for creating. The more you struggle the more power it has over you! Letting an energy be is very much like saying “Hey I see you there and you have no power over me!” Letting it be allows you to take ownership of the energy you’ve held on to and therefore gives you the freedom and, in essence, the power to release it!

“Speaking words of Wisdom LET IT BE…”

As Paul McCartney sang “speaking words of wisdom, let it be…” Listen and read the words to that song in the video below. They are a true and beautiful reminder of how “letting it be” helps in the healing process. Let it be, release it and create more space for YOU to be YOU!~Shine Your Light 

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It’s not about what happened; It’s what you hold on to….

Our lives are made up of all the experiences we’ve had to date. How you approach life and your general outlook is based on information gained in the past. How many times have you said “if I knew then what I know now…”? If you did know then what you know now would your choices have changed? Maybe yes, maybe no, but keep in mind that the choices you make now are affected by the energy and pictures of the past that are difficult to let go of.

Why is it so hard to let go?

Whether they are considered positive or negative, many past experiences are ‘super-charged’ with energy. Some of it is yours and some is not. If you’re not sure what I mean try thinking about something that really affected you in the past. When you think about it does your heart beat a little faster or is there a strong emotion that comes along with it? Do you shift uncomfortably in your chair or feel the need to go do something else immediately when you think of it?

If you experience a reaction, no matter what it is, the “picture” in your mind is still “charged” and it’s time to de-energize it so you can clear it. The experience will stay in your memory and in the case of a beautiful moment will still make you smile but your energy will be in the present and there will be more space to have and create many more beautiful moments! In the case of what you consider tragic or negative experiences you bring your energy into present time to create a renewed sense of comfort and safety.

One of the most common things I see in reading sessions is that it’s not the super-charged picture people have trouble letting go of, it’s the resistance. Once you clear the resistance you begin to de-energize the picture in your mind; Then you take your energy back and the letting go becomes effortless. If you are truly in a space of wanting to let go and make separation try focusing on letting go of the resistance instead of the thing you want to let go of. You might be surprised at what you resist and you may even find the resistance isn’t YOURS. Yes, you may actually be resisting someone else’s resistance. Is there someone you’d stop healing if you clear the picture and take back your power and energy?

What did you learn from your experience?

What happened to you happened and what is happening now is happening now. The good, the bad and the ugly are all a part of you but your experiences are not who you are; They are learning experiences which help you grow and expand as spirit. What you hold on to quite possibly colors your decisions in the present and you have a choice not just move on but to learn from the experience, de-energize what keeps you stuck in the past and create more space for yourself. In this year of rapid and great change it’s even more important to be grounded and have your energy with you in the present.

It’s time to let go effortlessly! It’s time to allow difficult memories and pictures from the past to transform into learning experiences. It’s time to give yourself a moment of peace by clearing resistance, forgiving yourself and others. It’s time to let go of what previously defined you. You are spirit and you are learning in a very human way. It’s time to let go of those things that happened in the past and take back your energy and power so you can once again dream in the present to create beautiful future.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2012 All rights reserved

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