Be Unapologetically YOU!

Be unapologetically you!“Be yourself. The world worships the original.”~Ingrid Bergman

Today’s Healing Message: Be unapologetically YOU! Sometimes we think and act through our filters of invalidation.  We say (or do) or don’t say (or don’t do) something based on what we ‘think’ another person wants us to instead of saying or doing what’s really in our hearts.

If you are acting the way you “think” someone wants you to act or you’re saying what you “think” they want to hear you are not only NOT being true to yourself but you are sending a message to yourself that strengthens an unconscious belief you’re not good enough or what you have to say isn’t good enough. When you act or react in ways you “think” someone else expects, you are doing it from YOUR point of view not theirs.

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”~Jim Morrison

A friend or lover wants to know how you’re feeling. They want you to be you. How can they get to know the real YOU if you’re trying to be a version of you based on what YOU think they think? No one knows what’s going on in someone else’s head; Especially what they are thinking. Probably the scariest thing in the world to do is to show you are vulnerable. Speaking your heartfelt truth and acting on what comes from the heart does make you vulnerable. When you are not being yourself, you give up your freedom. You are also taking away someone else’s freedom.

Years ago I had a boyfriend who repeatedly lied to me about something rather significant. Significant in HIS mind that is. He kept this big “secret” about himself because of how he “thought” I’d react. As a clairvoyant I knew he was lying about something but never really knew what it was. When I finally got the nerve to confront him he came clean but here’s where is gets more interesting. What he told me was SO insignificant in my mind I kept saying “and…” waiting for some awful, horrible thing to be revealed.

He repeated what he  had told me and said ‘there’s no more. That’s it’. He assumed I would act or react completely differently than I did based on what HE thought I would think. For me it not only wasn’t horrible it told me who he REALLY is and I was fine with it. What he did, in effect, was take away my right to choose. My right to be me,  to make my own decision and respond how I wanted to respond. Of course I understand, and understood at the time, he lied because he was afraid I’d leave him if I knew the truth. (I did eventually break up with him but not because of what he told me that night.) What he was really doing was projecting how he felt about himself. His assumptions about how I would react were based on his thoughts and his thoughts alone.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being UNAPOLOGETICALLY you is one of the hardest things any of us can do because it leaves us vulnerable, raw and open but it is precisely that vulnerability that strengthens and validates that who we are might not be so bad. Vulnerability is gentle strength and being vulnerable is empowering. None of us is omniscient and knows what another is thinking so what good does it do to project the feelings or thoughts we have about ourselves unto another?

Speak your truth. Work on being vulnerable and own it. Show others the true you and strive to be the best “you” you can be. Be unapologetically you! You might be surprised at the results!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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A Message to Heal Your Heart….

Today’s healing message is about love and healing your heart. All of us have had our hearts hurt at one time or another and it sometimes causes us to retreat and hide. There are those longing for love yet have been so hurt in the past they bury it deeply within the heart. They are no longer able to bare their soul, be who they are and shine from within lest they be hurt again.

Love makes you vulnerable but it is that very love, the love you have in your heart, which has strength beyond measure. Love allows your soul to “crawl out from its hiding place”.  Although we love others and wish to be loved, love is not anything outside of you. Love is within you. You came from love and you ARE love. Your soul IS love!

The best way to heal a sad heart is to find that love within and start loving yourself again. Surround yourself in the love you are. Embrace the love in your heart. Love is never ‘not good enough’. Love is never ‘wrong’. What makes one feel that way is the ego and mind thinking love is outside of you. Love is not a thing to be chased after because it’s already inside you. Love is a vibration that brightens your spirit allows you to shine.

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine yourself radiating and sitting in the middle of a place of pure love. Breathe in the love that is surrounding you and allow it to transform any pain you feel. Exhale what has now been transformed into love to send love out into the world. If someone has hurt you, allow yourself to bring in the light of forgiveness and imagine them in a bubble of love outside of you then bring your attention back to radiating and surrounding yourself in your own love vibration.

If you are seeking love, you must find it within yourself lest you find yourself in a game of hide and seek. Perhaps it’s not someone else who is “it” in the game. What if the “it” who is seeking is you and what if your soul came out of hiding? Imagine the possibilities of shining instead of hiding. Bare your soul by radiating love! Allow your soul to come out play for awhile!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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