Exploring Your True Purpose

Exploring Your True Purpose“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”~Mark Twain

Many people go through their lives asking the age-old questions; why am I here, what is my purpose?

It is most certainly an important day when we receive the answer to those questions BUT have you considered the possibility that there is more than one “why”? What if instead of looking for your purpose, you discover you are already living it each day?

We are all many things to many people. We influence countless lives because when we touch someone’s life, they touch someone and then they touch someone and it goes on infinitely. Every word, deed and touch has purpose but we may never be fortunate enough to find out. It isn’t until we embrace and love ourselves that we open up to our true purpose.

We each have our roles to play.

You are powerful beyond measure whether you realize it or not but not one of us can physically be everywhere assisting every single person on the planet at any given moment. We each have our roles to play. As we embrace those roles we discover our purpose.

We may not receive an award for our role. Our “why” might not come in an epiphany. We can recognize how our role affects the lives of others by simply being present and aware. We have the opportunity to affect a life by looking into someone’s eyes and acknowledging their presence.

Several years ago I did a reading for a lovely woman. When I looked at her clairvoyantly I saw she was surrounded by dark energy that was not her own; Underneath was a bright, creative, colorful soul. She didn’t tell me much prior to our session other than she felt stuck and unable to create.  She also didn’t ask too many questions. By the end of our reading she was much brighter but I had no idea how the session dramatically affected her life.

A few years later I received an email thanking me. Her words, filled with heartfelt gratitude and enthusiasm, literally jumped off the page! In her email she said that prior to our session she felt isolated, alone and that she was contemplating suicide.

She said that during our session she felt safe for the first time in her life and in that safety she found hope. From the hope she reached out and found a therapist to help guide her through a very painful journey. The best part of this story is when she shared the joy of her “new” life.

She was happy in her marriage and felt love beyond “anything she could have imagined”. She got pregnant and gave birth to a gorgeous daughter and the demand for her art was off the charts! I read that letter with tears of joy and my heart grew as I realized a part of my purpose.

Who knows what this woman will go on to do? Who knows what her daughter will do? Who knows if her art will inspire another artist. Maybe she tells her story and gives someone else hope.

As we move through the world our purpose reveals itself in many ways. We will probably receive many ‘whys’ during our lifetime. We may not be able to put into words our exact purpose but we do know what feels good. Our purpose may be revealed in a series of seemingly small validations, or it might come all at once.

Not all of us are destined to write a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, receive an Academy Award, or discover a cure for cancer or AIDS BUT at some level we each play a very important supporting role so others can fulfill their purpose.

Who knows if the person you inspire will take that into the world to inspire someone else and so on. Who knows if you gave hope and saved a life as you smiled at the stranger on the street. Who knows if you brightened the day of the next Steven Hawking or Neil Armstrong.

Each of us has a purpose. Embrace your role and do what you do well. Do it from the heart. Do what you do best for THAT is your purpose!

While I’d like to think the “most” important day is when we find out why, each day is important. Live your life with purpose on purpose!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2016 All Rights Reserved

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How to Recognize Growth & Expansion as Spirit

Growth and expansion. Emerging.“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.”~Marcel Proust

There are personal messages in all that you see and all you are aware of. Your growth and expansion as a being is about increasing awareness and learning how to use what’s going on “outside” of you to heal and release those things “inside”.

Growth and expansion is really a “clearing out” to making more room for you come IN. The more of your energy you’re able to bring IN the more growth and expansion.

Recognizing those areas where you are growing and expanding as well as those messages which help guide your direction are found in your day-to-day circumstances and what you are attracting into your life at any given moment. You can also choose to use every outer circumstance for inner growth.

For example: They are replacing the windows in my building. The replacements are thicker, sturdy, a different style and of course, they are new and totally clean. The project will be messy, inconvenient, at times uncomfortable, and I will have to actually leave my home for at least one day while they take out the old and replace with the new.

Now that is enough in and of itself however it’s not just the window replacement. The condo next to me recently purchased and gutted it for renovation. Hmmm more construction. Add to that the building next door is in process of being torn down to make room for a new store and 40 story building. Hmmmm more construction! I’m surrounded by major construction projects all of which are in process of tearing everything down to make space for sparkly, new.

“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.”~Heath L. Buckmaster

How do we use the construction to recognize and confirm our growth and expansion? Well, for starters, we are all construction projects. We start asking questions. Where are our walls? What are the limits that stop us from building a beautiful new building. What are we in the middle of now? What walls and limits are solidly in place either by our choosing or because, at some level, we consciously or unconsciously agreed to not go beyond those walls?

When we speak of windows we are reminded of seeing with more clarity and certainty. What if we viewed our inner and outer world with an expanded perspective? What if we choose to see beyond our current horizons? What if it’s more about building upon a more solid foundation and emerging?

Growth and expansion is rarely convenient, comfortable, neat and tidy. More often than not, as with all construction projects, it is not only the opposite but just like construction projects, there are twists and turns and possible delays!

“I beg you, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”~Rainer Maria Rilke

Recognizing your growth and expansion is no different from asking questions, reviewing where you’ve been, what you’ve learned and acknowledging how far you have already come. Life is about becoming. It is a learning experience always under construction.

Live your questions and be aware of the answers you are receiving. Growth and expansion is not necessarily about a bolt of lightning or an epiphany, although it could be. Most times you don’t have to go any farther “than your own backyard” as Dorothy states in the Wizard of Oz.

What you attract, the thread of commonality that runs through your day-to-day life, is how you start to recognize where you are and what you’re working on. What you are going through shows you what you CAN and probably are, working on to move forward.

See through new eyes! Build upon a new foundation! Live your questions! Emerge and embrace the person you are meant to be.~Shine Your Light Debbie 

©Debra Taitel 2015 All Rights Reserved

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