New Moon, Solar Eclipse, New Beginnings!

Solar Eclipses are profound turning points that bring endings, new beginnings, and major changes.

New moons are all about making a “clean sweep” and creating new opportunities.

Separately these cosmic events pack a powerful punch. When they come together, we’re in for a few life-altering, power packed days!

Ready or not, eclipses have the power to literally ‘eclipse out’ things in your life that no longer serve you. In addition to the instant release, what you want and need is going to come crashing into your awareness with clarity. You can welcome these changes or resist them.

If you welcome the energy and rise to the challenges presented, you will maximize your potential to gently let go of what’s not working, live life on your own terms and flourish; You free up your valuable time and energy sooner. If you resist the challenges, the process could be painful and it’s going to take you a lot longer to move through them.

Everyone is being affected by this cosmic event so you are not alone! While I am not an astrologer I do read energy and in the days leading up to this eclipse I’ve been contacted by many people who are experiencing disturbing dreams, noticing unfounded fears and experiencing seemingly abrupt awakenings. “Instant awareness” can be a bit unnerving and disconcerting.

Since eclipses bring about endings and beginnings you may find clarity about past events. The answers you seek and those people or situations which are not in alignment with your path will become obvious. An eclipse will magnify and, in essence, show you the ‘cracks’ (and what seeped into those cracks) in your foundation.

As you find clarity during this powerful time you may step into your power and decide to embark upon a new path. Be aware that with every “step up” comes letting go and it may feel like you are grieving. This is a natural part of the process so embrace it and be where you are.

One more aspect to be aware of is Mercury begins its retrograde cycle in a few days. We are already feeling the effects of the slow down. There’s no better time for reflection and release. Resolve issues and end past agreements with love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Allow the powerful one two punch of the new moon and solar eclipse to give you strength and propel you into your new beginning!

Clarity is not only about seeing what has passed so you can resolve past issues. It is about seeing with clarity those things you wish to create. Having a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to do helps you build a foundation for the future and there is no better time than today to harness the power of the eclipse to help you do that!

There are many more astrological aspects to this eclipse in Virgo but I’ll leave those to the wonderful star gazers and astrologers out there. The information presented is for you to know that eclipses cause abrupt awakenings and transformations. Take comfort in knowing the new moon helps you make a “clean sweep” and coupled with the eclipse, you are being offered the opportunity to create new beginnings.

Use today’s powerful conjunction of the new moon solar eclipse in Virgo to fling open new doors. Embrace and enjoy your clarity. Welcome new opportunities and beautiful new beginnings!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello And Transform Your Life

When life gives you lemonsThis is a guest post by Salvatore Sciacca. 

“I know. I thought you are supposed to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. But then again most people are too busy reacting to the fact that life has given them lemons instead of cream puffs, gold coins or manna from heaven for that matter.

So let’s start by discussing acceptance before we can actually discuss the recipe for Limoncello.


Acceptance is a critical part of life’s journey especially when it comes to transforming one’s life. If you are not willing to accept the situation at hand, it will be virtually impossible to make a sound and healthy decision on how to close the chapter that represents your old self and open a new one representing your new and improved self.

For example, when I was younger, I thought that I would NEVER get divorced once I got married. I was raised as a devout Catholic and divorce was instilled in me as a major taboo and “NO NO”. And as a result, while I was growing up, I thought that people who were married and divorced were failures. I even thought my 1st marriage counselor who was a Jewish Rabbi on his 3rd marriage was not only a complete failure but totally unqualified to offer marriage counseling advice.

Fast forward to today, I have completed changed my perspective and appreciation for people. For starters, I’m now divorced twice and actually believe that “three’s a charm”. I also have a new found appreciation for people who are divorced as I have gone through the shame, guilt and humiliation that is often associated with the process. And I now think my former Jewish marriage counsel was probably highly qualified to help distressed marital relationships because of his experiences.

And I now wake up in the morning knowing that I am not only OKAY but that I now feel better than I have ever felt about myself because I have learned to accept my failed marriages of the past. The irony of the situation is that I probably would have never gotten to this state of greater well being and consciousness had I not gone through the 2 previous marriages.

So Then How Do You Make Limoncello?

My 2 previous marriages gave me more lemons that I could have ever imagined. And trust me when I say this, I like lemonade but am NOT that crazy about it. But many years ago, my cousin Tony invited me over to make Grappa with him which is a main ingredient to Limoncello. In order to make Grappa, you literally transform grape skins into a refined high content alcoholic after dinner drink that Italians have made famous.

Now one of the MOST important steps while making Grappa is the purification process. During this step, the fermented liquid is run through a distillation process that purifies the liquid and leaves the precious Grappa byproduct. This is a very painstaking process and takes quite a bit of time to go through all the steps. Once the Grappa is created, the Limoncello is made by essentially soaking a hand full of lemons in Grappa and sugar for a few weeks.

With this Limoncello making experience, I have come to realize that Limoncello making is symbolic of my life’s journey. I have come to realize how important it is to go through my own purification process which is helping me let go of the past and is helping me shed the impurities that have held me back over so many years of my life. Had I simply squeezed a handful of lemons into a cup and added a few tablespoons of sugar, I would have never gotten to where I am at today.


Life is not only about turning unwanted lemons into Limoncello but it’s also about creating something more magnificent than you could have ever possibly imagined. And that is what is the most beautiful part of about getting dealt a handful of unwanted lemons.”

About the Author:

Salvatore J. Sciacca aka “Condoboss” is one of the nation’s leading experts in the community property management industry. He is also the President and Founder of Chicago Property Services, Chicago’s #1 community property management company specializing in management and operations of condos/townhomes/HOA’s of 100 units and under.

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