Full Moon November 2017: ‘Almost’ Super Moon

“The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.”~Tahereh Mafi

There’s nothing like a beautiful, full orb lighting up an otherwise dark fall night. The slight nip in the air and time of year makes it feel a little more magical than usual.

November Beaver/Frost Moon

November’s full Moon was called the Beaver Moon by both the colonists and the Algonquin tribes because this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to make sure there was ample supply of warm winter furs. The November full Moon was also called the Full Frost Moon by other Native American people.

Some are saying this month’s Full Moon is a Supermoon (not an astronomical term) however the Farmers Almanac is saying the moon’s distance is not quite close enough to the earth to truly be called a Supermoon. That said, the energy certainly FEELS like we’re under the influence of a full on Supermoon. (FYI the next Full Supermoon is December 3rd, 2017)

Although there is a chill in the air, the energy from this moon is warm as it illuminates a lot more than just a path in the woods. Spiritually speaking, the full moon shines a light on, and intensifies, those energies we’ve been working on healing.

Love, Rebirth, Higher Consciousness

This Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus and will grace all of us with love and abundance. Couple that with November being 11th month of the year and we’ve hit the spiritual jackpot. In numerology 11 is a sacred number and represents divinity, rebirth and higher consciousness. 11 also happens to be the number associated with Angels. These abundant and supportive energies will be with us through the entire month so pay attention to any and all signs that come your way.

The Moon will also illuminate and magnify any self-imposed blocks. These include self-sabotaging thoughts, patterns and doubts, that we have carried. It is not just that the Moon lights up these blocks. We are being called to release those blocks to make space for love and abundance. In the next few days, and for the rest of the month for that matter, notice any self-sabotaging thoughts that come to light and effortlessly release them. Get out of your own way and let the Universe, Angels and Guides support your ideas and things you want to create.

Full Moon Intentions

If you’ve ever wanted to set Full Moon intentions, say the following words out loud then take time to reflect and meditate on them. Feel free to add your own as it is YOUR journey. These are just some suggestions.

  • I accept and love myself the way I am
  • I am (say your name) and my circumstances do not define me
  • My intention is to bring in joy and enthusiasm
  • I open myself to the abundance of the Universe
  • I welcome any and all help from my Angels and Guides
  • I allow the beauty and illumination of the full moon to fill my heart, mind and soul with grace, love and laughter

To really enhance your Full Moon intention take a few moments every day for the rest of the month to write down 10 things (per day) you are thankful for AND at least 3 things (per day) you will take action on as you receive help in the form of images, epiphanies, or signs. Remember, the Universe has your back and this Full Moon is energized and filled with abundance. Soak it up but don’t forget to take a few doable steps to move you forward.

Most important, take time to marvel at the mysteries of the Moon as it embodies the rhythm of time. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the shadow self. She serves as a reminder that the subtleties of subdued light are powerful and beautiful all at the same time.

No matter if it’s a Supermoon or ‘almost’ Supermoon, it never fails to take my breath away when I look up to see the wonder that graces our sky every month. I’m reminded that there are cycles that ebb and flow like the tides and that we are merely a speck in a vast Universe. Happy Full Moon!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2017 All Rights Reserved


Debra Taitel is a gifted Clairvoyant Visionary, Energy Healer, Author, and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts.

Get Back on the Bike!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~Albert Einstein

In the early morning ‘waking hours’ when I was aware but not fully in the body I clearly saw a bicycle leaning on a concrete wall.

I was a bit confused at the seemingly random image so I asked the question “what’s the bike doing there” and the reply came quickly “get back on the bike”.

Now I should probably explain that many years ago I taught myself to do what I call ‘dream walking’. The general idea is to have awareness in my dreams so I can observe, find meaning and ask questions. The only rules are while I can observe and ask questions I can’t change the direction or outcome of the dream.

The point is to open up to a deep level of consciousness and see what I’m processing and learning. You could say I’m observing and making conscious what is usually unconscious in the dream state. One of the many benefits of ‘dream walking’ is that I remember my dreams and the answers that I receive in those dreams.

In this particular dream seeing the bike leaned up against the wall didn’t seem all that profound. There wasn’t a lot of color in the image. It was just a bike leaning on a wall in what looked like a back alley of some sort. When I asked more questions (of myself) as I observed the scene I saw ‘the bigger picture’.

Around the corner from where the bike was positioned there were beautiful vistas, countless paths, bright orange sunlight glistening on fields and mountains. Everything was wide open. I, of course, asked the next logical question, “what’s this got to do with the bike?” and again I heard “get back on the bike”.

In those early morning hours before I was fully awake I looked back and forth from the dingy alley with little to no color, to the magnificent vistas filled with light. It was only then I remembered turning into the alley, falling off my bike and then propping it against the wall.

I was standing at the corner between the alley and the path for quite some time but all I could see was the small, dirty, grey alley. Apparently I became stuck in that little alley forgetting the bike was not only there to carry me out but to make the journey easier. A bike can surely take you farther with less effort that your legs right? It was a simple yet profound answer. “Get back on the bike”.

There’s a reason for the saying if you fall off a bike get right back on. The same applies if you get stuck in a picture. You don’t have to keep staring at a grey alley with the very means to continue right in front of your eyes possibly propped up against a wall.

Sometimes it simply takes recognizing you’re a bit stuck; then all you have to do is turn your head towards the light, step out of the picture, dust yourself off and “get back on the bike.”

So many answers in those waking hours put a smile on my face. In fact I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day. I’m not sure what you have planned for your day but me, I’m getting back on the bike. Won’t you join me? Shine Your Light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Debra Taitel is a gifted Clairvoyant Visionary, Energy Healer, Author, and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts.