A Glimpse: The Divine Gift of Awakening to Your Answers

As we move through our lives living, loving and learning we have “glimpses” of awareness; Glimpses of a bigger picture with infinite possibilities.

The committed spiritual seeker works towards expanding this awareness but everyone, whether awareness is worked on or not, will have momentary glimpses as we are guided by our higher selves towards the answers we seek.

Follow the “glimpse” to find the answer and reveal the bigger picture 

None of us can possibly have ALL the answers and while it would be wonderful to be omniscient and omnipotent, the reality is we don’t even know what we don’t know. We don’t have a clue what we don’t know. Sometimes our questions are merely asking for small part of what we want to know. A small part of a bigger and broader picture.

Think of it this way, if you have explored in great detail only a 4 block radius around your home, you will ask questions based on your experience and understanding of that 4 block radius.  What if your answer lies just outside that 4 block radius and you are given  a momentary glimpse of the path that goes there? Will you follow the path or stay safe within your walls, continually asking the same questions over and over, never following your gift of awareness?

Divine gifts of awareness are “snapshots” of the answer but, more often than not, they do not represent the full answer. When we catch a glimpse, the challenge is to not get stuck thinking we understand more than we do or that we are seeing the full picture. When we open up to asking the right questions based on our glimpse of awareness we are expanding our minds, opening up to greater possibilities and finding our answers as part of the bigger picture.

Our glimpses prompt us to look deeper, point us in the right direction and help us ask the right questions. Our glimpses of awareness are snapshots of love and understanding. The more we see, the more we understand. The more we understand, the more we are able to heal and forgive ourselves and others.

Follow your glimpses of awareness so they lead you to ask the right questions. Follow your glimpses of awareness so they lead you to a place of being open and able to receive more glimpses of awareness. Follow your glimpses to see the bigger picture and find answers to your questions…one glimpse at a time.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2015 All Rights Reserved

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An epiphany about healing others

An Epiphany About Feeling Bad for Others

EpiphanyThis morning I woke up not feeling like myself. I felt isolated, invalidated, alone, depressed and dizzy. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and the dreary weather here isn’t helping. I sat down to meditate and reflect on what was happening. After all it’s not “like me”.

As I quieted the incessant ‘buzz’ in my head I slowly returned to center so I could see clearly again. Then, like a lightening bolt, it hit me. The feelings of isolation, invalidation, depression, were energy and pictures I gave up space to. This happens to everyone at one time or another and we don’t always realize it while we’re not feeling good.

Everyone is affected when their pictures get stimulated and when you work with energy as I do the ‘triggers’ are magnified because often I’m working with clients to clear those very pictures. Pictures are memories or energy from the past and they may be triggered by friends, family or even a seemingly innocuous Facebook post. What happened to me is I allowed myself to get stuck in pictures of feeling alone, isolated and wrong. I started asking the question ‘what’s wrong with me’ over and over again.The more I resisted the more entrenched I became trying to ‘fix’ what was wrong even if I didn’t know what it was.

It’s just energy and you lost your space!

When I realized it was energy I needed to clear that became senior to my reality I was finally able to ground myself and see (and reconnect with) the truth. I’m not isolated and I’m not alone. There’s nothing wrong with me. (I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me.) I was feeling bad for others and in the back of my mind it seemed familiar rather like a deja vu. When did I experience this feeling before? Another lightening bolt! I felt this way growing up!

Have you ever said you “feel bad” for others? Better question…how many times a day do you say it?

Here’s the thing, when you “feel bad” for others to the point of actually “feeling bad” you have allowed their pain to become your own. What they are going through becomes “senior” or more important than your own reality. This happens because at some level it is what YOU are working on. It is the energy and pictures from the past you are stuck in and if you don’t take back your energy and seniority from your own pictures you begin to match and possibly take on energy from others until you do.

Take back your power!

Once I started to find my own pictures and take back my power I began to look at how much energy from others I had taken on as I was healing them. Trust me…it was A LOT! All those people I “feel bad” for. Not as in they are victims but that they are going through something painful which I recognize because I have gone through something similar. 

To shift my energy I had to let go of “feeling bad”. After all what good is it if I match their energy and continue to feel bad? That comes under the guise “misery loves company”. No matter how long I’ve done healing work I continue to have to remind myself I am senior in my space and I slowly began to release the energy of others I had taken on by agreement. I also had to let go of all those painful memories when I felt bad and was feeling sorry for myself. I had to take back my seniority, my personal power, and return to the present and my vibration.

In the blink of an eye you can shift your energy!

If you’re “feeling bad” all the time check to see if someone around you is feeling bad and you’ve matched their energy. Notice if you’ve given your seniority to a picture or illusion of “feeling bad” from your past so much so that it’s become true for you now. Get real with yourself and acknowledge if you’ve healed others at the price of healing yourself. Find your epiphany about feeling bad for others and ask yourself if you really want to “feel bad” because someone else “feels bad”.

We “feel bad” when others are hurting but it’s important to realize we can hold their hand and comfort them but we don’t have to “feel bad” for them. Look at your own journey and heal yourself first. It shows others how to do it! If you really want to help others, shift your energy and raise your vibration. Take them by the energetic hand and raise them up! ~Shine Your Light Debbie 

©Debra Taitel 2014 All Rights Reserved

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